Smartphones have put us in quite a pickle. These devices are explicitly designed to be addictive, but because we rely on them for so much you may as well know about some cool apps that will entertain you and help your flow.


Tech news:
Anchor is the Best new App for podcasts

Broadcasting app Anchor, which helps anyone record and share audio, is relaunching its app today with a new focus on serving the larger podcaster community. While in the past, Anchor was carving out a niche for itself in the short-form, social audio space, the new version – Anchor 3.0 – aims to be everything you need to record, edit, host, publish, and distribute a podcast of any length, as well as track how well the podcast is performing.


The New Otter app lets you record and transcribe conversations.

An app called Otter, launching today, wants to make it as easy to search your voice conversations as it is to search your email and texts. The idea to create a new voice assistant focused on transcribing everyday conversations – like meetings and interviews – comes from Sam Liang, the former Google architect who put the blue dot on Google Maps, then later sold his next company, location platform Alohar Mobile to Alibaba.


Stream Xbox One games on your Mac with the new OneCast app

One of the benefits of owning both a Windows 10 computer and an Xbox One is the seamless interaction between the two devices. You can stream Xbox One games on a Windows 10 computer through the Xbox app – no extra software required. Unfortunately, the same wasn’t true for Mac users, who (up until now) were forced to resort to installing a program like Parallels or a separate Windows partition. But with OneCast, those days might be over.