Finding your own sound is tricky but when you bring it to light, you know when you’ve arrived. 

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW JONAH MELVON
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Finding your own sound is tricky but when you bring it to light, you know when you’ve arrived. I’ve been embracing this chill vibe with soulful harmonies and feel good rhythms. I think you’ve got to create music that makes you feel most at home within yourself. Don’t try to adapt trends just create what comes naturally at that time. 

The music business…
from a financial perspective is better than ever before, from a “common man” perspective. Artists have so many internet tools that can help to create their own successful brands, where as before, most needed a label to have a successful brand. A lack of education and wanting to move fast on music business, has hurt my brand before, however I have always learned so many valuable lessons from those experiences.

Song name: “Beautiful” featuring Lonnye Dotson

This song “Beautiful” is from my first project entitled “This is the Year”….
The essence of this song being “feel good”, has transcended to my sophomore record, that will be released this summer entitled “Rain Water”. “Rain Water” breathes captivating harmonies, melodies that are contagious, rhythms you can not resist, all the while addressing the pendulum swing of relationships. The value of vulnerability, fighting to make something work against all odds, is not respected in our culture as much anymore, because our society provides so many back doors. This project makes you hope even when it hurts, pushes you beyond the circumstances at hand, helping the listener to feel hope in purpose.

Music Genre : Soul/Hip Hop
In a world where beauty is so much promoted for the exterior, this song “Beautiful” elevates the internal beauty of a woman. Initially the song was written to an “El Dabarge” song that was sampled, than reproduced two times over to give the lyrics the perfect marriage with the music.  Link:

The Bay Area is where I reside…
The music scene is vibrant here because there is so much culture. However it has changed in the last five years, where artist find themselves needing to move, because its harder to keep up financially with the tech boom.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Initially, this answer would of been certain artists who I share a similar theme with, however over time the building of my brand takes precedence currently. With that said, Gary Vee is who I would love to have five minutes with, but I would definitely go in prepared.

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