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We are Officially Kief Nebula and Shark Hoodie


You have to do whatever it takes to get the music done.  Sometimes we’re invested in 100 takes and so many layers before our production arrives at a level that we typically strive for. Then we take it out to gigs and let it fly. Social media is where we also focuses a lot of our efforts this year from discovering new gigs to gaining exposure, it’s fun to be in this business and we love it. 

The music business is…
so saturated right meow….. which is good and bad…. good for new music to be heard and amazing collaborations to be made, but also hard to be unique and stand out form the crowd, Its also hard to make money. We have found, being long time musicians, that touring and products are the only way for an independent artist to make cash.

I would love to spend 5 mins with Jack White!
This person is of special significance to me because of his infinite energy and determination. Jack white harnesses the power of the universe and channels it into creativity! hahaha that would make my year for sure! We are admirers of supreme focus. Any artist famous our not that can grab that power and use it for the purpose of making something….. that’s inspiring!

Space Teddy Bear…
is a comic book futuristic hiphop sample laden set of 4 EP’s. They follow the adventures of me, Kief Nebula, and Shark Hoodie, a.k.a rapper Prime Time, through time and space battling the inter-galactic nemesis the SPACE TEDDY BEAR! We put SCI-FI samples in every track along with deep bass cuts and drops!

The whole idea started when I was cleaning up the house form the usual small mess my little girl makes. I picked up her teddy bear and noticed the supreme grimace on his face! He looked perturbed and triggered lol! Made me immediately start cracking up!! Well at that time me and Prime Time were working on a new experimental collaboration into the hip hop electronica genre. So I put the feel of our spacey hip hip and the look of the awesome bear together and the Space Teddy Bear chorus was born! So many nights of laughing and brewing up crazy adventure stories, we we came up with this comic book style set of Hip Hop EP’s!!

Written and recorded at the Shark Lair by Kief Nebula and Shark Hoodie!


We have finished the first EP “ Space Teddy Bear “
and we are currently working on the second EP “ Dank City” a prequel to the first EP! We are continuing along path with a strong theme feel. Utilizing the same process to create unique songs but with an overall cohesive theme. The Dank City EP takes us into the past of Kief Nebula and Shark Hoodie. This EP goes back in time to show how Grimm Justice, a former friend, turns dark and unleashes the terrible power of the Space Teddy Bear. This intra-dimensional being is on a collision corse for the our beloved planet Earth! Kief and Shark may be the only ones who can stop it.

On each CD the comic-like story is printed in the disk!

Los Angeles…
Kief Nebula works at a studio in Los Angeles and has family and business in Elko, NV. He lives between both worlds and creates on the Fly! Shark Hoodie is from Elko, NV and resides there at the Shark Lair. The music scene is amazing in LA and we plan shows as soon as the seeking EP is finished! We are currently greeting up for a show in Elko, NV to open up for Amigo The Devil on Feb. 27th @ 8PM. The music scene in Elko is not too bad for a small town!

They have The Silver Dollar
We also love the Echo in LA! One of my favs!!!


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