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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW LEONIDAS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My real name is Jason and the fans know me as Leonidas.

I have a story to tell from my life experiences. It’s exciting to get lined up to release a new album. As I have so much to say and it’s going to be fun getting into the studio to explore the equipment I just added. This is a terrific time for indie artists. The industry has changed so much with the access to social media. I’m looking forward to inspiring many with my music and hopefully encourage them to keep moving forward. 

Music business..
The music industry is evolving and as musicians we have to do the same. Staying involved online using social media is essential in starting your success. There needs to be a place for you and the fans to engage besides on tour or doing any other type of entertainment.

For example.
The industry is changing fast and for some can be hard to keep up with or even adapt to. One of the pros I would have to say being involved with the music industry; is the artists that you will have a chance to work with. As I have been working hard and staying focused I had the opportunity to work with an artist I have looked up to sense a very young age. I can not say what artist right now but he will be on the new album I am about to release really soon. This feature artist had the opportunity to work with Tupac, Biggie and Eazy E. Not too many artist that have accomplished that type of foundation in the Hip Hop community. It can be hard for a new or independent musician to work with some of the more recognized or in other words famous artists in the world.

Resources are essential and its not like someone is just going to open the door for you, if your lucky they might point you in the right direction. In the end it’s all about making great music, not for the fans or anyone specific but for yourself. Stay true to who you are and never forget your Morals and Values.

There will be ups and downs in this music industry, maybe even a moment you think this is maybe not for me but don’t give up and stay strong someone will hear and understand your message.

Someone in the world can relate to what you are saying as you did with the musicians you looked up to growing up. Music comes from the heart you have to love what you do and create. Anything is possible with dedication.
We Gone Rise Up…
I have always had a passion and love for music. It started from a very young age I knew what I wanted to do and that was make great music. The inspiration for this album has come from my life. I’ve learned a lot over the years through good and bad times. You have to learn from your mistakes to prosper and grow in life. Music has always given me a way to express myself. It can be like free therapy in a way, well writing a song there’s a moment where you can look at the things around you and get a better understanding of who you are as a person. You have to stay true to yourself and the fans, great music will always fallow. I would like to inspire others through this album to never give up hope and always stay true to your Morals and Value.

I’ve had a message and a story the world needs to hear. This album is dedicated to the Hip Hop of the 90’s which built the foundation for the industry today and inspired me. This album is also dedicated to my family, friends and all the fans who never gave up and always believed in me and my passion. Lastly this album goes out to those I have lost and are not hear today, we all live on through music. Music makes me happy along with many others, what more can you ask for. Some people may not like or understand the message but that may be because the message is not meant for them. This album is a start to a new beginning with another album fallowing really soon.

One musician I would really like to meet would be J Cole. His style of Hip Hop and the way he uses his words is unique. In meeting an artist such as that I would probably ask if he’d like to make a song or two together. What a great opportunity it would be for Leonidas and J Cole to work together, can not even imagine what we would create but I’m sure it would be legendary and something I would never forget.

There are many amazing people I would love to have to opportunity to meet and work with especially in the music industry. Not necessarily to make music with these individuals but to learn from them. There is a lot to be learnt if you take the time to listen. Great musicians work hard to get to where they are today and so have I. We all have a unique story to tell the world that someone can relate to.


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