Life is full of challenges every step of the way. I’ve learned to see challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and do something differently. In fact, I’ve learned to love challenges. One of my favorite quotes – ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’


Game Changer Interview with Jacqueline Jax and Laura Timm

Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Success Without Limits (Laura Timm),
Global Woman Club Los Angeles (Laura Timm – Regional Director; Mirela Sula – founder of the organization)


Laura Timm
Speaker, Mentor, Multi-Award-Winning High-Achiever and founder of Success Without Limits. Laura was born in Estonia, a small Baltic country in Eastern Europe with a population of just 1.2 million. The youngest of four, Laura quickly developed a reputation as the ‘insanely ambitious’ one that made her stand out from her friends. Coming to London in 2010, Laura worked in a number of different industries including construction, motoring and IT, defying both personal and professional expectations in each of them. She could see that people around her were also talented. But because they believed in only limited success, they held themselves back from what they deserved. As a high achiever and someone who’s committed to giving back, Laura made it her duty to help more people unlock their true potential. It was at this point that Laura entered the world of personal development and success coaching. She became a speaker and business mentor, sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience across self-empowerment, leadership and professional achievement.


Success Without Limits
was founded with the mission to motivate and inspire people around the world to pursue success without limits because Laura has always believed everyone has the potential to achieve success in their lives. It’s usually because of fear, self-doubt and external pressure, people tend to think small, and therefore achieve small. At SWL, we help people become who they’re meant to be and inspire the change in others. Our development programs are designed for beginners, intermediates, and more advanced students of self-improvement.

My goal
is to help other also believe in a successful and dynamic life and help them develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed. Our development programs are designed for beginners, intermediates, and more advanced students of self-improvement so you can start from where you are and improve step by step at your own pace. I also speak at various events in the US, UK and Europe sharing my knowledge and expertise to inspire others.

Life is full of challenges every step of the way. I’ve learned to see challenges as opportunities to learn, grow and do something differently. In fact, I’ve learned to love challenges.

One of my favorite quotes – ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.’

As for recent challenges, I’ve had to make some tough business decisions when it comes to people and what is best for the sustainability of the business. I had to focus on what is best for the future and growth of the organization and my team. I knew the choices I had to make were the right ones and it has also been a blessing in disguise as the way people react and behave in tough situations really shows you what they are made of or what their true nature is like. I make my decisions in line with my personal values and I try to make sure I communicate why the decision was made to my team with clarity, honesty and transparency.

How do you balance building your brand/career and your personal life?
I must admit it’s not always easy. Sometimes work does take over, especially since I love what I do and I love helping and inspiring people. I wake up every morning counting my blessing and hoping I can help and inspire even more people every day. Since my family and friends are the greatest blessing in my life I have to make sure that I plan and schedule to spend quality time with them. When I spend time with them I also make sure that I am completely present. Those moments spent with them are precious memories and I want to live and feel them fully.

The same goes for looking after myself and making sure that I am happy, healthy and continue growing as a person. So, things like making sure I don’t skip meals, I exercise or go for a walk as often as I can, I also have my own small daily rituals like music playlist etc. Some of these will be schedule in my calendar by my assistant and she also makes sure we stay on top of things. You can’t continue growing your business and your brand by doing everything yourself, you need a team of great people around you.

Any task that will teach me something new is my favorite kind of task.

Especially when I can be of help and have a positive impact on a person’s life. It might be a coaching/mentoring call with a student – giving them feedback or advice that can help them with their business, with their current situation or perhaps with the mindset shift they really need. Creating positive change.

Least favorite – reading to-do lists. This is where it works well with my assistant as she sorts the To-Do lists and reads things that need doing out for me; it focuses me in a different way and we get things done.

How has social media played a part in your business?
It helps people from different parts of the world have access to what I can offer, whether it’s daily inspiration/motivation, tips/tools or development programs that can help them improve their lives. I absolutely love getting messages from people where even just by following my journey and my tips & advice has played a great part in improving their life. Being able to inspire people to believe in themselves, and to live a happier, healthier and more successful life is priceless to me. And with social media I can reach more people and inspire positive change.

What does your future look like for 2018?
We will launch the online platform of Success Without Limits in the first Quarter.

I will be traveling even more this year speaking at various events internationally (The Best You Expo in the US, March 25thCreative Women Conference in Cyprus, 3-6th May; also, several Global Woman organization events in Europe).

The PBS documentary ‘Global Phenomenal Woman Show’ where I am featured will be launching. There will also be a Conference and Gala dinner in May in New York and we will be filming the second part to the documentary end of the year.

Running and growing the Global Woman Club Los Angeles branch, a network of women who aim to support each other’s success and growth and believe in collaboration not competition.

I am organizing some school talks in Estonia for high-school students helping them have a better start and the motivation they need to become the best version of themselves.

These are a few things from the top of my head. There’s more to come and it’s very exciting.

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