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Episode #431: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW LOST ELYSIUM
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Members: Ashley Elle: Vox.Keys
Brian Muller: Guitar
Ricky Guard: Drums
Earl Lee: Bass ( he is unofficially officially in the band)

We do this to help people and impact their lives. The work is definitely challenging especially as we’ve just added some new band members but we seem to be gelling together well and I think the new music we have coming out is going to really please our fans. I can say it’s exhausting performing live but I’m in it all the way and loving every minute of it. 

Business is business
It isn’t personal. It’s a part of the game that you have to play. You need to embrace it. There’s a lot of people who talk and promise you the world. You need to stay grounded and understand that you are the one who needs to put in the work and not expect anything to be handed to you. Business needs to be reciprocal. You need to show that person you need that they need you, and you have something to offer them. No one owes you anything no matter how much talent you posses. Things that work for you can work for someone else which can then work against you. You must always keep working. Business in general can bog you down from being creative. You have to try your best to separate the business from the creative.

Everyone admires someone different in this band.
If we could have five minutes with someone each would choose:

My parents: Ashley – They are no longer with me. For my own reasons, I’d choose them.

Joan Jett – Brian Muller – she broker barriers and is a full force person who doesn’t care about the social norms. She is herself and projects that.

Dave Grohl: Ricky – He is a hardworking multi-talented musician who have longevity. He is an all around guy who doesn’t stop.

Tre Cool – Earl – He seems like someone you could just chill with and have a real conversation with. No pretense.

Think Like the Enemy
The song is about having to become something you are not to survive. It took 2 and a half years to finish this record. It was recorded at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY. It was chosen by our Producer and Promoter but was the least favorite of all of our songs in our opinion. But in the end turned out to be an amazing piece of work that pushed our creative limits, and we are very pleased that we were challenged in that respect.


The Music…
You can expect truth and raw emotion. In respect to the current single, we wouldn’t presume to say that our music is “special” for a specific reason. Everyone should think what they do is special. It’s meant to be heard however the listener wants to perceive it. That’s the beauty of music. It’s written as specific and as vague as I wanted it to be so that people can glean from it what they want yet it satisfies my needs, and it can lend the listener the ability to live and apply their views and experiences through it.

New York…
We reside in Western, NY in and around the Buffalo, NY area. Popular venues are The Town Ballroom, The Waiting Room and Mohawk Place. However I feel or can describe it doesn’t really matter. What we know is the fans that enjoy your music are die hard about it. So what few fans a band may have are true. They are amazing, un breakable and should never be taken for granted.

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