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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I live in Bonham, Texas...
Not a lot of competition:)) Just kidding! Truth be told… it is either country or rock!! And it kinda influences me a lot. I recently wrote a few country songs I would be willing to record… soon! Not kidding!!

I like to challenge myself as an artist and explore songwriting even if that means going to slightly different directions sometimes.

Well, I guess I can’t exactly hide this….
I grew up in communist Romania–Transylvania more exactly–in a christian family. My dad was an active preacher in a day and age when the political machine decided that religious leaders had to either be silenced or eliminated. My father was silenced. I have experienced pain and suffering first-hand. But, in and through the life of my parents I have also witnessed the kind of grace and beauty that made God’s love and passion for me the only reality worth pursuing. I am simply a unashamed witness to God’s amazing grace!

It is very hard and expensive to pursue a music carrier…
It takes massive perseverance. Not for the faint-hearted, for sure! Luckily, social media and the online music platforms leveled up the playing field quite a little bit. It is actually possible to put yourself out there today in ways that was not possible just years ago. However, most of us do need all the help we can get!! I have actually recorded and mixed my album “You Never Change” in Romania, and then made it available through CdBaby and ReverbNation. I got the best of both worlds, I could say! It was much, much cheaper to outsource the recording and mixing, and then it cost nothing to post it on ReverbNation. OK! It does cost a little bit to let CdBaby upload them on all music sites, but it is worth it.





I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I would actually love to have five minutes alone with JACQUELINE JAX! I love her passion for the new, untried, green artist! I love the fact that she is willing to give them a chance. Thanks for doing this JACQUELINE!! I do hope to meet up with you one day:))

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