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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Roosevelt Lee-Fleming

I’m blessed to have great parents who support my love of music. Right now I’m creating consistently and looking to experiment with different genres. I have always been inspired by amazing song writers so my music focuses on lyrics that tell a story and inspire those who hear it.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
It’s impossible for me to choose between Carole King and Diane Warren. I choose them because both women were inspirational trailblazers as songwriters. During their respective eras, they made a huge impact in what used to be a very male dominated industry. I began to study them as songwriters when I discovered that they are responsible for countless chart toppers and #1 hits. I follow both women closely on social media, and the one thing that resonates to me is, with as successful as they are, they’re very humble. I would love to have the opportunity to pick each of their minds.

As an artist I just want to continue to grow…
I push myself to grow with my fans and continue to “Connect” with them on a regular, even daily, basis. More than anything, I want to Inspire & Motivate the People while maintaining my Authenticity — “Being True To Myself”…. The album in it’s entirety is meant as my personal message to the world to not let anything or anyone change the Core Values of who You are as an individual.


Song name: “R.O.C.”
Music Genre: Inspirational Hip-Hop/TrapSoul
My song is actually also the title of my album, “R.O.C.” “ROC”, of course, is famously known as the record label which birthed the career of one of my personal favorites, Jay-Z. That name also has a more personal meaning to ME. My Mother is and has always been my “Rock”. Her name sounds EXACTLY like Roxanne – but it is spelled (ROC) -ann. On the chorus I say, I go hard like the “ROC” in my Mama name/ That’s ROC-ANN with a C, Man, it’s not a game/ She told me, “Boy, say “YES, I CAN!! – before Obama came/ Be True to Who You Are, and you’ll do a LOT of thangs/…. So, basically, “ROC” is a Dedication to my Family, more pointedly my Mother & also serves ME as a reminder to my SELF as to what MY Divine Purpose still is. It’s through the Music.



I’m from a small town in Southwest Michigan
called Benton Harbor. But I reside in a town about 45 minutes away from there called Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo is an eclectic college town with a lot of cultural diversity & the musical scene is very rich. On the flip side to that though, there’s not a lot of avenues or plateaus for Independent Artists or local talent. The music scene is somewhat bias in accordance to Prior successes.

Music business…
I Love Music, EVERY aspect of it. Particularly the FIGHT of it. I can’t imagine anyone or any artist having a musical journey and not encounter trial, tribulations and obstacles. From the music business aspect, I was introduced to a lot of new understandings during my studies at Berklee College of Music. There’s many different angles and dynamics to becoming a successful music artist. The creativity has always been second nature for me, but the business side is one that I’m hoping to become a great student of and continue to grow and learn.


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