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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW LUPE GARU
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band members:
Ivan “The Butcher” Adamczyk – guitar, vocals, songwriter(BMI)
Adam “Catfish” Adamczyk – bass, vocals, songwriter(BMI)
“Guitar Man” Stan Adamczyk – guitar, vocals, songwriter(BMI)
In 2016 we replaced drummer Chris Klipple with Colin “Time Machine” Mills
and added Ahmil Jilani on keyboards, vocals and songwriter.

 Interviewing: Ivan Adamczyk

Music business…
I was once told by a bar manager “I don’t care if you bang on pots and pans as long as there are people in the audience”. Unfortunately that holds true too often. It doesn’t matter if your the greatest band in the world, if you don’t get the people out you don’t get the gig. So people just got to do everything possible to get fans out and that includes all band members! If everybody has a voice then it’s easier to be heard because people react to different things. One might hate you, another may think your the cats PJ’s . Take advantage of all social media, get creative with your press-kits and gig submissions. It is truly a jungle with tons of quality competition.

I think the greatest thing going on now especially in the jam-band phenomenon is breaking the stereotyping of music genre . Lupe Garu loves and jams on all kinds of music. My brother & I would go to a Sound Garden show then go see Pink Floyd the next weekend or head to a Leslie West or Buddy Guy show with our father, we loved it all.


Song name: Come To See Me Fall
Music Genre/ category : Rock/ jam-band
The music was written way before the lyrics. I was in a band that had a sax player. We had all these grunge type original songs in minor keys and stuff and he was struggling with some of the material. I set out to come up with a good straight forward rock tune that he could jell with easily. Side note is he ended up playing flute on it! ha!

The lyrics were inspired by a incident when some folks that I knew, unfortunately very well, came out to one of our shows. They got there way early when we were still setting up and the place was empty. Seemed like they were set to have a night of heckling us with smug remarks like “doesn’t this get old”, etc. You know the typical type that got married, kids, and house way to early and were eager to say how musicians where all drunks and druggies. I’m sure anybody that had longevity in this biz knows the type. Anyway by the grace of the gods of music themselves the place was jam packed and the band honestly never sounded better! I remember seeing them scurry out about three quarters of the way through the first set. The great thing was their friends stayed all night and told us they had no idea that we were that good! haha!

Anyway they had ” Come to see me fall ” or fail so I mixed that with some southern whiskey, smoke, a sassy blonde and there is the song. If it ruffles your feathers then grow some hair! And please no god damn flute on this cut, lol!


New Album…
Well our next album will be the first with our two new members. There is going to be a new voice on some of the material, keyboards for the first time and we can’t say enough about our new drummer!

Lupe Garu has multiple song writers all with different musical backgrounds and influences from hard rock to improvisational jazz fusion! Somehow we always seem to radiate that dark surf funkiness & blues backbone, I think that’s just our sound. Oh yeah, don’t forget our three headed double lead guitar and lead bass fire breathing dragon! There is going to be plenty of that of coarse.

We are based in Lehigh Valley PA…
but our band members live spread out between Philadelphia PA and Princeton NJ.

The Lehigh Valley music scene seems to be thriving locally. We actually just broke out and did a tri-state fall tour last year! Playing some legendary venues with some top notch national acts! We have really broke some new ground in the live show department lately, hope the shows keep on rolling!



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…. Les Claypool, this guy is about the most original songwriter and musician out there. I remember seeing him perform with Primus back in the day – mosh pits, Ozz fest and somehow gets accepted in the jam festival world and thrives. Now you see Primus headlining these so called “hippie” festivals ha! That’s what I mean, what a beautiful time to be alive when you can see Primus & Dylan at the same concert. I think Les was a pioneer in this phenomenon and I’d like to pick his bucket of Bernie brains. When it’s all said and done the songs will live on to tell the story

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