Band Name: M4ch1n3
Person Interviewing: Jacob Machine

I’m a workaholic writer from the woods who uses words as a foundation to produce albums & make no budget movies. I’ve most recently spent my time in West Palm Beach, Florida. I grew up in the woods of prison city Huntsville, Texas but for the past two weeks I’ve been out in Los Angeles. I may stay a while.

When did you know that this was the right path for you? : I don’t remember. I have writings from before I knew how to spell. I’ve got full length movies I made with people from my home town as early as 7 and continued through all my early years. I didn’t start making music until I was 20, but even that was just to give my words of poetry more life. Now I have over 20 albums I’ve worked on, even in that short time. I’ve been an obsessive writer artist for as far back as I can remember. Trying to bring my dreams and creative ideas into reality is all I have ever existed for so it has always been not only the right path, but the only path. I believe everything has a purpose though so under that opinion we all have our own “right” path to follow.

What do you like most about what you do? : The infinite possibility & defying expectation.

What do you most hope to accomplish with your influence?: To inspire folks to go out into the world and be their best self every day, no matter what happens.

What is the biggest obstacle you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?
The biggest obstacle I faced in life was my Mom dying. The only way I overcame that pain from such a long lasting early life experience with dementia and early alzheimers was by art. A passion for art kept me from killing myself during the worst of life, and that same passion is what allows me now to thrive as a person during the best of life.

I’m walking proof that no matter how hard life can get, if you never give up & keep moving forward anything is possible.

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career?
That I was true to myself, true to my family, true to my dreams & true to my word.

Who have been the most influencial in your music and why..
My family. Growing up, my Father was a musician. I used to sleep in his bass drum after practice as a kid listening to Texas blues bands he would play with. My Mother would sing, but after she got sick with early onset dementia and the problems that came with that I starting writing for my own survival just to give my mind something to do. My brother Luke was always a great inspiration and is the main reason I work as hard as I do to make life better for us both. I wouldn’t have made music if it wasn’t for all of them. Also there is a friend of mine Greg Picket who helped me transition from poet to producer during the early years and I have all my thanks to give to him as well. William Roark produced most of my new album that is about to drop and he’s always been a true friend. The real people in my life influence my work the most and give me my why.



Featured song: Make it Rain
Music Genre:: Electronic / Hip Hop

This song is about having the confidence to go out and make money from a stage. Like a loner hustle anthem for strippers & singers, it’s a simple concept single with complex layers.

Link to play::

My new album American Nightmare drops April 19th on all streaming platforms. It sounds really dope. Some things folks aren’t gonna like to hear, but the world may need some intellectually hard music. I’ma rock it.

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