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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: Mr Elephow
Interviewing: Jean-Philippe Bélanger


What defines “Success” to you?
For me, it’s when my music plays outside of my studio, haha!! Over the time, I’m expecting to be able to reach and connect with more people. I want to produce beats and learn every day to make professional music so that the DJ appreciates enough my song to play it.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
It’s a bit technical, but it worth it. When it comes to the mixing process, right before the mastering, I learned something crucial. I had the chance to talk with FilthyBeast on Soundcloud. He send me a tutorial to learn the basics of this.

I rediscovered saturation & multiband compression with this artist. I never thought it could do such a difference in my music production. In my opinion, when there’s a right amount of saturation and multiband compressing, it can bring life to your sounds and your music production. Thanks again FilthyBeast!

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Tommy Trash- This artist is incredible. It was one of my first electronic show in Montreal. This guy got so much energy on stage. In the very first day of my electronic music discovery, I had the chance to get the song Sex Drugs and Rock ‘N’ roll on a digital store. I was so amazed with his “drop”. He was pushing electronic music further. In my opinion, he created such a complex and great sound. With that song, this guy opened my mind on dance music.

The reason why I would like to have 5 minutes would be to talk with him and get the best advice he can give me so I can grow as an artist. And if there is time left, I would like to know how he created the drop in his song Sex Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll.

Has there ever been a point in your life where you lost your interest in playing?
Once, it happened. I remember, I was doing music just like it was a job… I was so tired and I stop doing music. I had hard time with the process of mixing a song. I wasn’t able to get what I want from this process. One day, I went on Youtube and Askvideo and I started to look at video of people giving their advice on the process of mixing and mastering. And then, after a week watching these guys talking to me about their passion, I got so much energy. Days after, I find myself doing beat and playing around with sounds… I remembered what got me started doing music.

What defines a “successful” performance for you?
It’s when I connect with people. It’s when people listening to my music and they get their body moving to the rhythm of the song. It’s when people having a smile on their face and they are happy or surprised by the music.

What’s on the top of your musical bucket list?
One day, I would like to go to a Festival and get my music mixed by an international DJ. It would be awesome to have the chance to see a lot of people’s reaction at the same time.

My production products:
I use an M-Audio to create most of my music but I’m looking forward to aquiring more gear this year.


Song name: Fox At Night
Genre:: Electro-House // Future-House

This song is about…
When I listen to this song, I imagine a cartoon movie. For me, it’s about a fox that’s walking down the road. And then, he gets to the party/club and he start to dance with incredible footsteps on a multicolor dancefloor. Everyone can let their imagination do the work, haha! 😉  My music is a way for me to express my creativity. During my master, I had the chance to read about a reconstruction of Vygotsky’s theory of creativity, called Creative imagiantion by Smolucha. I realised how imagination and creativity is important in life and I figured out that I had to find a way to express my. I always loved music. So I gave it a try since then.https://www.reverbnation.com/mrelephow/song/28326587-mr-elephow-fox-at-night-original

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