Success is an ever changing nebulous entity that is hard to define.



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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DOCFELL & Co
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

My primary objectives are…
to create deeper more meaningful songs over time and to find ways to record and distribute them to the world. Clearly we all have deep ambitions of wild success but I temper my expectations with small achievements each day and paying my dues.

What defines a “successful” record for you? 
I think as an indie artist the goal of producing a record is to be heard.  Whatever the message may be to send it out into the universe and to know at some level however small it resonates with another soul or two.  In one sense there is a need to base success on numbers such as records sold or streamed or to feel like the amount and content of reviews has bearing on it.  Perhaps even we base it on its impact on our social media status or on its ability to get us into bigger venues and festivals.  However at the end of the day most indie albums will fall short of what most would consider successful based on such criteria so in my mind I feel like success should focus solely on the beauty it bring to the eye or rather ear of the beholder.
What’s on the top of your musical bucket list? 

Two things come to mind which are playing the grand ol opry and Austin city limits.  Perhaps it is influenced by my childhood and those both being my first exposure to live music but they sit in my mind as pinnacles of success.

What piece of gear has had the biggest impact on your life and why…
I have an old nylon string classical guitar.  It was a gift from an uncle when I was young.  I learned the basics on it but as time progressed it sat in its case largely neglected for a decade.  When we went to record our last album I happened upon it again and rediscovered my joy in playing it.  The texture and warmth were comforting like a favorite jacket. I ended up using it to record all the tracks on the record and after adding some pickups frequently I play it live for some smaller shows.  Essentially it was like finding a long lost friend again.

I live in…
Oklahoma. The music scene seems to be inundated with extremely rich talent of late. The variety and texture of music is diverse and embraced by a community who prefers an original sound.

Songwriting secrets…
When I had written a few songs I was told to write a hundred more and I might be on to something. Although discouraged I took from that the mind set to constantly be working on new songs moving the real time. Now as I have well over a hundred plus songs I look back and appreciate that song crafting is not only a gift but a skill that requires dedication.


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Song name: Dandelions
Music Genre:: Americana

The song is about overcoming the hard times as we are all dandelions dancing in a hurricane. A convoluted mix of classic country sounds, rock, bluegrass and folk. I try to embrace any sound that inspires me and write lyrics that dig to the root of my emotions.

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