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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Ritchie Dan (vocals/guitar/lyricist)
Chris Skehan(guitar)
Nick Laplante(bass)
Michael Beachense (drums)

We are currently…
in the studio working on our first studio release CD. There is a lot of energy. Other than a few songs all the songs face many of the issues I’ve face in life. Each song becoming a kind of therapy, addressing my PTSD, Survivors Guilt, Depression and Anxiety, and Alcoholism.


My Tempered Soul is…
based out of Central Maine. The music scene here is basically heavy metal, country, or classic rock. Luckily we fall some where in between rock and metal so we are an easy fit for most shows. There are quite a few great clubs in our area that highlight indie artists. Portland, Old Orchard Beach, Lewiston/Auburn, and Westbrook all have clubs that really focus on helping local artists.

The music industry…
has changed in so many ways over the years. As a recording artist the industry has improved dramatically. Now with a simple key stroke you can release your music to the world. You can identify your fans and produce an album at minimal costs.
However, as a performer who loves to play live shows it becomes hard to get everyone to unplug from there computers and TV’s long enough to come to a show.


I would love to meet Zak Wylde…
As an all around musician I think his ability to write and compose are inspirational. I think a five minute guitar lesson from Zak would blow my mind.


My Everything Live…
was constructed based off of the simple signature bass riff that introduces the song. The Pre-Chorus and Chorus were written the next day,and the lyrics were drafted the day after. This was the first original song that we wrote as a band and quite honestly one of our favorites.

The meaning behind My Everything is…
very deep and personal. In February, 2004 I stepped into an airplane and flew to Iraq. I had only Army gear as luggage, a few photographs, and some phone cards to try and call home. But in my top left pocket I had a small trinket. A tiny sterling silver heart, no bigger than a dime, with my wife’s name etched on its surface.
Throughout the history of war favors were given to knights and soldiers as symbols of hope and as reminders of home. A simple piece of ribbon or lace, a photograph, a letter, all of these became bridges that somehow made you feel closer to home. I never understood that.

As the days turned to weeks, and the weeks turned to months that small trinket grew more and more important to me. I carried it with me, always. Through every mission, through every battle, every horrifying moment that tiny heart was in my pocket. It wasn’t my lucky charm, I’m not a superstitious man, it was more.

Every day in a war zone a piece of you is stripped away. Every horrifying moment desensitized me more and there is a fear that when I do get home there will be nothing left. You have to be able to separate yourself from the moment. So you take all you love, hope, and fear and put it aside. Unfortunately, for some, they put that part of themselves aside and are then never able to find it. But I held that tiny heart and it reminded me of who I was. It reminded me of what awaited me at home. It became my Everything.



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