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Episode #422: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Ashton Rock, Ben Frazier, Nate McShane and Marriah Cram

Music biz..
It’s like a puzzle that you can never stop working at. It takes immense amounts of work, long practice hours, some hits and some misses, but ultimately we’ve found the pay off to be more than rewarding in and of itself. It may be hard, but the results are clear and it makes all the hard work worth it. Sometimes you feel like you can’t keep your head above water and it gets hard, but you have to persevere if it’s truly what you’re passionate about. It has been so fun to actually get the experience most people or musicians haven’t had yet. When it all lines up however nothing feels better.

Pros: aligning yourself with the right people to help propel you meeting other musicians to bounce ideas on or possible future collaboration being able to play out.

Cons: people trying to take advantage of you or not having your best interest at heart

I would love to spend 5 minutes with…
Nate McShane (guitar): Adam Jones from Tool. As a guitarist and a huge Tool fan, I admire his way of crafting such simplicity into complexity. I love his tones, complex riffs, and solo style.

Marriah Cram (lead vocals): Probably be Ross Jennings from the band Haken. I absolutely love the creativity and beauty in his lyrics, and would love to learn where he gains his inspiration.

Ben Frazier (guitar): Buckethead. His guitar work has been a continuing inspiration to how I play. I’d also like to ask him how he has been able to release 246 albums since 2011. By the time this gets published, there will probably be 2 or 3 more.

Ashton Rock (drums): I would meet Paul McCartney for sure. The Beatles have had the biggest impact on my life as a musician and as a person. Paul as well as the rest of the Beatles have song writing skills more powerful than any other artist in my personal opinion, and I would love to just talk to him about it.

Not My Hero…
The song is about being strong no matter what is thrown at you and no matter who tries to throw it at you. It is about not being dependent upon anyone for your own well-being and success.

A bit of a story about the recording process was the studio engineer/producer totally re-worked the guitars in the verses by having them literally drop out completely. Created a bit of a spirited discussion, but ultimately led to a better release.


The Music…
Our music is different in the sense that it features very strong female vocals, but it is backed by powerful and heavy guitar tones and riffs. It’s more of a hard, progressive rock. There is a lot of variety in our sound, so no two songs sound the same and it makes an interesting listening experience for the audience. You can expect some groovy and head banging music, some killer solos and powerful vocals. None of the songs sound the same. We try to experiment with different styles and combine them into our music. Lyrically, a lot of the songs we have will be around the theme of independence. You can expect songs that we as musicians spent a lot of time working on and perfecting to make songs we really enjoy and the best final product we could.

We all live in the southeastern Massachusetts area. The music scene in our immediate area is very scarce, so we are typically forced to look at either Providence or Boston for gigs. Some good local venues are Dusk, The Parlour, Firehouse 13, The Met, Fete Music in the Providence area, Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and Hard Rock Cafe in Boston.


About the band…
Moment of Clarity has participated in numerous local and regional music competitions over the past three years. First place finishes include the Gauntlet at the Ruins in Providence (2014) and the Canobie Lake Battle of the Bands 2015. Moment of Clarity was a semi-finalist in the 95.5 WBRU Rock Hunt – 2016 and was also a featured artist on WBRU’s Home BRU’d segment. Moment of Clarity was also a finalist in the Cardi’s Furniture Big Break contest – 2016. Moment of Clarity was a finalist in the Foxwoods Battle of the Bands 2016 where they placed third overall.

The spring and summer of 2017 are gearing up to be a very busy time for the band as summer shows are already being booked for some of the areas largest festivals and fairs. The band is hoping to begin work recording four new songs to combine with two previous released tracks for their first EP release sometime late summer 2017.

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