“I’ve never been abused, but have encountered my share of negative situations just like everyone else. But, by staying humble, focused, ambitious, and most of all trusting God I believe anything is possible. All goals above and beyond your reach will always require commitment, motivation, ambition, dedication, & very hard work. It’s up to every artist how hard they want to work & how far they want to take their achievements.” @NTELLEKT

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW NTELLEKT
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Success is…
never giving up on your dreams and goals you truly want to achieve. To me, the old saying “Sky’s The Limit” is an understatement. Taking it above and beyond “Sky’s The Limit” is the goal I hope to achieve. God has truly blessed me so far & continues to bless me, I truly see nothing standing in my way of being where I want to be in the music industry.

Staying positive…
Tyler Perry’s success story has always been the most interesting one to me. To persevere through so many years of physical abuse, but then take all of that negative energy, on top of his very first musical flopping several times before becoming successful and turn it into something positive towards building his own empire is amazing. I’ve never been abused, but have encountered my share of negative situations just like everyone else. But, by staying humble, focused, ambitious, and most of all trusting God I believe anything is possible. All goals above and beyond your reach will always require commitment, motivation, ambition, dedication, & very hard work. It’s up to every artist how hard they want to work & how far they want to take their achievements.

I challenge myself by

1) Doing more work than I did the day before. If that means sacrificing 3-4 hours of sleep that night, “it is what it is”.

2) Stay focused on one thing at a time until it’s completed. You GIVE YOUR ALL to a project when you see the whole thing through until it’s finished.

3) Never see your music career as a job. As musicians, this is what we love to do. If you don’t love what you do and it’s more like work, it may be time to rethink what makes you happy.

Starting in music…
Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been a universal listener to different genres of music. I started writing/producing music five years ago because I kept hearing different melodies & harmonies playing over and over in my head, which gave me a strong urge to write stories to them.

Keep It Movin’ Feat Smoke Digglera…
Keep It Movin’ is a song based on everyone’s experience with certain people not wanting to see them succeed. We all have been faced with people we thought were friends , even our closest friends who were never really happy toward our accomplishments. I lost two of my best friends since childhood because of my progress with music. In order to stay focused & keep achieving, I had to stay positive and leave the negativity behind. Every time Smoke Digglera would bring his amazing vocal riffs in certain parts of this track, we would start laughing because his riffs were a symbol of my frustration being released in this song.

What to expect…
You can always expect true life experiences, whether it was my experience or someone else’s experience. The Red Carpet (A Songwriter’s Journey) album is an old school flavor of vocal harmonies mixed with modern day lyricism. We don’t hear much of the old school R&B anymore, but lots of people still crave and request it every day.  With this album, I hope to accomplish making endless connections that could possibly lead to many more songwriting opportunities whether it’s with Indie or major label industry legends.

Living in Florida…
Recently I moved to Florida, I’ve noticed there are several Techno and Hip Hop venues in every part of Florida. The music scene is never slow or dead here, AT ALL!!! Non-music related things I love to do is spend time with my family.

Music industry…
I feel the music business is definitely a strategic business that has everything set in its proper place to generate revenue from any and every angle. Trying to be heard in the music industry by the right people is definitely a lot easier said than done. I’ve always heard everyone wanted to be signed to a major label in the past, but now you hear a lot of famous major label artists leaving their labels, wanting to start their own label. Eventually, I feel major labels will slowly begin to fade out because artists’ are taking advantage of the latest technology to catapult their careers to the next level. I’ve definitely been blessed to work with some very talented vocalists, overseas/in-state producers, & recording engineers in the studio. On the flip side, you run into a lot of people who pretend to be someone they’re not just to make a dollar. It’s all about how you handle those negative situations that make you the human being you are today. I believe staying positive, patient, & persistent are the 3 P’s to achieving your goals. But of course, God is ALWAYS first and foremost before anything.


Social media…
is definitely a plus, without social media it would be several times slower to get your music exposed. The biggest challenges are trying to get your music heard along with the other millions of artists doing the same thing. Again, it’s all about networking and of course the 3 P’s.

Singles vs. albums…
I think it depends on what type of project you want to give your fans. Releasing singles will always keep you relevant and always give them songs, one right after the other. On the other hand, when releasing an album, it may take several months, a year, even longer depending on your recording process. Sometimes, making fans wait that long for music isn’t always the best option, but then again, the anticipation from fans could make them want your music that much more. Personally, I think switching it up is a good idea, gives your fans the best of both worlds.

I’d like to spend five minutes alone with…
Aaliyah…She was phenomenally talented and had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. It would have been great to see her achieve so many of today’s Grammy’s. She definitely would have been today’s “Queen of R&B”.

Music trends…
I believe in being unique, original, just being myself. So many artists are trying to be someone they’re not just to fit in. What happened to everyone wanting to make their own lane? What happened to being true & honest with yourself every time each artist stepped to the mic? How can an artist ever truly find herself/himself, if they are focused on trying to be someone else other than themselves? Pretending to be someone else other than myself is not an option, I like sleeping at night.

Being a true artist…
Music is changing so fast in a direction that the world loses the true sound of soulful R&B. So many of today’s R&B songs are structured as Hip Hop songs (sung as a rap verse instead of sung as an R&B verse). I’m not at all dissing the new style of today’s R&B, but I don’t think the industry should ever make old school R&B obsolete. After all, music industry legends are the real foundations as to why the world has a new style of R&B today.  R&B legends such as: Aaliyah, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston (may they all rest in peace), The Isley Brothers, Chaka Kahn, & Anita Baker to name a few blessed the whole world with their amazingly beautiful voices. But now, today’s R&B artists’ like Smoke Digglera (From the Group Playa), Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, Jagged Edge, Tyrese, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Tank, Fantasia, Robin Thicke, & Raheem DeVaughn to name a few are slowly being faded away because of the new rap style of R&B that’s being introduced. The above mentioned R&B singers are just a fraction of what’s being lost & wiped away. True soulful R&B music is felt, in our hearts, in our minds, & in our souls…it always has been. So, how can the industry take away what relationships have been built on? Take away the breakup songs that gave us the motivation to move on? All of these songs projected soulful emotion that made us really think about what was really going on in our lives. It was all about “feeling”, real R&B.




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