The Strands on being unique

The Strands on being unique

The Strands

“Success to me is just finding my voice and doing something that I am passionate about, we all feel that way. We love what we do and of course, we would love to be able to support ourselves doing it.” -The Strands @saffy720

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW THE STRANDS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music trends…
There is way too much emphasis on being current, and we do not heed that at all.

Success to me is…
just finding my voice and doing something that I am passionate about, we all feel that way. We love what we do and of course, we would love to be able to support ourselves doing it.

Overall goal…
To tour the world with The Strands to touch people with our music, to record with the best Producers and to have a musical legacy
3 Ways that I challenge myself…

1) Showing up, never doubting that this is why I am on this planet. With this sense of purpose, we keep moving forward.
2) Keep writing and digging deep, expressing myself authentically, appealing to new fans and old fans, keeping them interested.
3) Doing the marketing, reaching out every day to people like yourself, never ever giving up.

Starting in music…
We all come from very different backgrounds, Susan Ferrari who wrote the song and plays the key boards in the band started playing when she was 3 and has been in bands since she was a teenager, Richard Green, our guitarist has been playing most of his life and was inducted into the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame for his work on the bass. I came late into music, I never sang in front of anyone until about 10 years ago and once I discovered I could sing, my life changed. Paul too, came late, he started taking bass lessons with Richard and it was then that The Strands were born.

Love Is On The Line…
Susan said the song is about the way it is between two people, any relationship. It’s not really an ultimatum, more of a plea. Everything seems to be at stake, that’s why love is on the line. She had a flu when she wrote it. The first lines came to her when she was in bed and she got up and started working on it. When she played it for her husband John he said it sounded like a funeral march. She thought of Chopin so she put the little piano interlude in the middle. We had a lot of fun recording the video for this song. It shows our rehearsal environment and the things we do hanging out together.

The creative process…
We expect to touch people with our music, to communicate feelings and emotions, I think of myself as a story teller and that is my job as a singer, to let you in on a secret of sorts. The album is called Entanglement because as a band we are very close and we have been through a lot together, things that might have torn us apart. We think it’s special and that it’s different and the words have meaning, it doesn’t fit neatly into any genre. We actually made up our own genre, we call it Artisanal. We want to reach as many people as possible and have been sending CDs out to radio stations, festivals etc.

Based in Los Angeles…
We are based in L.A. and it seems like everyone is a bit jaded here and it seems like every venue we play closes down!!! We refuse to take part in the whole “pay to play” deal .We recently played in the U.K. and will be going to the East Coast, Boston and NYC in the Spring. We love hanging out together but we always end up playing music, it’s our life.

The music business…
I don’t know what to think really, in some ways it’s harder and in other ways it’s getting easier. It seems like a crap shoot. We just keep showing up and I am do what ever I can for the band and presently we are looking for a manager.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Tragically, Amy Winehouse, we all love her music and the Jazz hybrid she developed, most of our idols are gone, but I wouldn’t mind bending Salaam Rami’s ear. What he was able to do with Amy was ground breaking. He has also worked with Lauren Hill and I would love to know what he would do with us!

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