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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW OMAR ALHINDI
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Honestly I only do music because of my love for it. I could care less about money and fame, even if I went 50 years without becoming famous, I’d still be recording records. It really helps me clear my mind. 


I’m from Fresno, California…
and there’s not a huge music scene out here. But a lot of artists and homies my age are working on making it more music friendly. There are some cool spots around Fresno but my favorite places are about an hour from Fresno.

The music business..
is pretty whack. Everybody tries to use you and make money off of you without you getting a cut. I’ve personally been screwed over way too much to care for the business lmao. But the music in itself is such a blessing.



Song name: My Intentions
Music Genre/ category : Pop, R&B
My intentions was a transition between my ex girlfriend whom I still had feelings for and another girl that I was trying to move on with. I wrote the intro quoting the new girl I was talking with “I wanna be with you when we grow up..” Basically I just realized that I couldn’t move on from my ex because I still had strong feelings for her. That’s the whole premise of the song anyways.’




The album Bedhead PT 1. ..
is the current album out and it was written (for the most part) when I was 15-16 years old. Music was my out. It was a way for me to vent and clear my mind, instead of bottling everything in. So this album is really emotional, highlighting the main emotions I was going through post breakup, everything that has to deal with Love in general vs heartbreak was just a reminiscent voice, not so much a current one. But the new music I’m making for my mixtape is exciting and completely different than the first album. Definitely look forward to it, it’s meant for an older fan-base though, since there’s so profanity and suggestive lyrics in it such as drinking and getting high, even though I do neither. Also I have a second album that I’m working on called Bedhead PT 2 and that’s also from my younger age, written between 16-18 and it’s going to be interesting to put that out.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
I’d love to have 5 minutes alone with Johnny Depp. I feel like he’s so mysterious and his outlook on life is so different than other people’s, I wanna know how he really is. Only because I’m a huge fan of the guy, how he performs and how he carries himself is just admirable. I wanna get into my craft as much as he’s gets into his roles.

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