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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Music business…
I feel the pros are that music is better promoted today. An artist no longer has to be subject to a record company. Artists can achieve great success on their own …like me with a solid DIY approach. Just work hard and stay focused.

The business is direction-less. Lacking creativity and there’s a loss of individuality in some of the genres. Everybody sounds the same if they work off popular trends. Record companies are afraid to record an artist that has a different style than what is out there. You can’t have your own sound if your going to pursue a deal. You really have to make your own way.


San Diego, California…
The music scene here is very productive. It’s great here as opposed to most other cities where it’s more difficult to get involved in the industry. There are just so many places featuring music and plenty of industry to connect with.


Song name: Dance Groove All Nite
Music Genre : R&B/Funk
The song is the story of a man meeting a woman in a club in hopes of a romantic involvement. It’s your basic “I dig you” story. It’s a funk concept beat but definitely a song I’ve experienced.  That’s me playing the keyboard, rhythm guitar, bass guitar, horns and strings. I also recorded all the layers from background to lead vocals.


The music…
You can expect quality music with a lot of energy and Old School Funk. I’m really focused on creating undeniably good music in a lane of it’s own, let’s hope it’s trendsetting.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
The legendary Bobby Womack, he’s my 2nd cousin. I would like to spend some time speaking with him because I feel that I could learn from him and also because his style appeals to me. He sings and performs a true message from his heart. He is very talented and he fought his way through the storms to be on top.

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