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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

INTERVIEW WITH:  Marcus Hernandez

Our music is dedicated to dancers and having a fabulous rhythm. We are also about to work on two new music videos that hopefully will capture the energy we love to express. Our goal is to build a show around our music that people will remember and enjoy when they come out to the live performances. 

In the works of our third album and another music video to one of our featured song to the third album, titled, Fuego Colombiano, a tribute to Colombia. We are also performing live at a few upcoming festivals.


Isla De Me Querer….
This song is about the beauty of both Puerto Rico and Cuba. Marcus Hernandez, Luis Aponte and Jorge Tamayo collaborated on this song to speak of our native countries, Puerto Rico and Cuba respectfully; the song also celebrates unity not only between Cubans and Puerto Ricans, but also among our Latino community at large. Recording and releasing your new single; this song is part of our second album Salsa Brava.

We’re in the production stage of creating a music video to Isla De Mi Querer. It will feature the band but most of all Marcus Hernandez, Luis Aponte and Jorge Tamayo. We’ll have some shots indoor and at the beach with a tropical theme.

Our second album Salsa Brava shows the intense passion we all have as a group to bring the best Latin music to the market. We are in the process of gathering material for our third album.

We have what’s referred to as NYC Salsa; very danceable and when we record our songs, we have the dancer in mind. Not too fast and not too slow; just right for the dancers. Include a brand message if possible that we can quote. Orchestra Fuego ready to ignite your event!

We’re in the Land O Lakes area which is near Tampa, FL. Tampa is not very known for Latin music, but I see a growing fan base looking for good Latin bands. We perform all over Florida, from Gainesville, Ocala, and Orlando. We want to make Tampa a Latin music lovers area.


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