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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW PERFECT FATE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Dana – guitar/vocals, Mary – bass/keyboard, Nick – drums of the band Perfect Fate.


The music and style is versatile in ways that range from hard rock to dreamy songs with some blues in there. “Fate was meant to be however the ending; it is perfect in it’s own way”. 


Music is part of my daily life and also integrated into my family life. When fans follow us they are sure to expect new songs through out the year, music videos, live footage/concert videos/live jam videos as things go and evolve.

Manchester, CT…
Perfect Fate will be playing in the Summer Concert Series Event in South Windsor, CT. on July, 20th at 6:20pm.
Bands are getting out and playing shows around the CT. area Spring/Summer

Valley of Kings…
is actually a song I wrote some time back. I introduced it to the band as we began recording songs for the new album. We all like the energy and feel of the song so it seemed like the right time to breathe new life into it. I wrote the song on guitar then the lyrics seemed to flow out shortly after and fit together nice with the rhythm. It’s about living musical freedom of expression and breaking free from ties that bind. some lines in the song could also be about moving on from a relationship that had true feeling, but could not work at the time. When we play “Valley of Kings” it carries the spirit and feeling to make us feel good about the type of music we are creating as a band.


The Music…
We as a band are going to begin shooting a music video for our single “Under Lights Under Stars” at the end of March. Some of the scenes will be set on a country road with an American Muscle Car. There will be some driving scenes, band humor, guitar smashing (burning), suitcase and jar included.

The single “Valley of Kings” is…
a hard rock driven bluesy song. Stands out as one of my favorites to perform. The new album “Wings of Justice” has a lot of dreamy rock songs such as “Sun Kissed the Moon”, “Misty Dream”, “Under Lights Under Stars”. “Wings of Justice” is another upbeat rock favorite to play structure and lyric wise. The album has a unique and interesting flow from track to track and shows our music versatility. The new album titled “Wings of Justice” will be released in late Spring 2017.


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