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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

The goal…
As a working-class hero, with a permanent day job , and a part-time Singer/Song-writer, I try to compose and record at least one new song every year, and then “dabble” with it on the many music-sites available… hoping for a good outcome.
 Song-writing has become like a chess game, where one has to listen to popular current songs on radio and plan your strategy in terms of melody/hook versus‘s and choruses before you go to the studio.

Social-media …
has made it easier for bands/musicians to obtain recognition these days, yet few grasp the opportunity to make use thereof.

Don’t Say It

was born from the idea of putting a guard in front of one’s mouth and/or thinking carefully before one speaks during confrontation, and arguments.
 “Don’t Say it” is one of ten songs from my debut-album, “Diary” recorded in 2010.
80% of the content of the songs were taken from life-experiences that I went through during a 10month separation / break-up, from the love of my life, and current partner of 29yrs.
(We rekindled our vows in Thailand in 2015)

My album “Diary”…
which also features this song, portrays daily struggles and conflict-situations between couples ,and finding joy and happiness in the end.
When I initially acquired airplay on local, regional radio-stations in SA I was excited, yet soon realized that I needed to gain/obtain recognition abroad in order to further my ambitions and goals.
Being somewhat of a social-media expert, with almost 12 years of music-networking experience, i scoured the online music-sites and submitted my music to countless online radio stations , gaining airplay on many of them over the years.

In 2011, I entered a song “Runaway” into the Rock-star, and Music Treasure Hunt Show on Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast, Florida , USA , and managed to win the “Best New Artist Award”.
The social music networks are flooded with “wannabee” rock-stars , such as myself and others, posting their music-links/videos and songs ,yet there is sooo much music to listen to, that the public just scroll by and mostly support the international stars , and local/national bands and musicians of their choice.

Whilst there are many bands and musicians who have influenced my music-style over the years , I would love to have five minutes with Cat Stevens, who has been influential in terms of my song-writing.
His music has captivated listeners over the past four decades.