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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW POSSIMISTE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Name: Possimiste

Person Interviewing: Leeni Laasfeld

Expect something new in music …
fantasy-bound lyrics, loads of emotions, intimacy and catchy melodies. I always knew in my head that my debut album was going to be a 45-minute-long trippy experience for the listeners. It feels like you suddenly discover yourself in a foreign land and there is this little fairy sitting on your shoulder opening herself up to you for some magical reason….and hopefully you come back from that trip with the sensation that you got a new friend who made you see things that you did not see before.

I have the draft of the album in my hands now and this is like it feels like for me. Cannot wait to turn this all into a studio album..It feels like the sweet impatience of keeping a secret.


Song name: Freakin Dance
Music Genre/ category : Experimental pop
When I hear a new song in my head I always see some kind of a scene in front of my eyes at the same time that’s the way my crazy mind works. With “Freakin Dance” I see a suit-up guy who all of a sudden has enough of being somebody the world expects him to be. So he just throws his uniform to the corner and lets his inner child come out, the inner child who does not worry about things that actually don´t matter, the inner child who wants to experience and celebrate being alive to the fullest.

That song actually started out as a piece of soundtrack for an advertisement in Japan and ended up as a full song because my friends really loved it and kinda forced me to release it. In the beginning I felt that the song is way too poppish and cheesy for being part of Possimiste’s world, which is a bittersweet and mysterious place..but then I found a meaning in it and now I see it as Possimiste´s trip to a foreign land and how her character changes when she is out of her home-zone. The whole journey with that song made me realize how I was actually the suit-up dudette in this song who overcome the boundaries she had put herself into

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“Freakin Dance” will be available in all major online music stores from 17.07.2017

Music business…
I actually have a strong feeling that there may be a quite big unexpected change in the not-so far future in the whole industry…Well, commercial music has been mainly a form of entertainment for so long now, something that is nice to buy when we have spare money and time but it is not a necessity either for most people anymore. The music industry is competing with so many other entertainment mediums that it really needs to convince people why exactly listening to music is the best way one can spend his spare time while there are so many other things one can do and spend his money on. But it should not actually be that hard because since the beginning of times music has actually been a human need, a way of communication and connection between souls. When I listen to music, there is another soul sharing his experience with me in my headphones and this is what I need to not feel alone. And I guess human beings are going to feel more and more alone as the time goes by because the virtual reality is becoming so much inbetween people that we lack this real human connection and from heart-to-heart sharing while our bodies still need it so bad. We will realize it sooner or later..or it is actually already classes are full, people are becoming more conscious…

Now, music could be the perfect way to fill that hole of he 21st century’s loneliness…but most big labels seem to ignore that chance. I mean, to sign mostly young,talented but yet undeveloped musicians/singers based on their future potential, make them write music with world’s best producers as it was almost like an office job and finally edit their vocals to have that perfect industry-standard sound…It all sounds amazing, catchy, good….but where is the soul I can connect with and that I would spend my money on? I really think that in the future the meaning of “music artist” will turn into something more…spiritual and it is harder to become one because you have to have so much more to give than just one thing, may it be your voice, song, production skills – the more you are involved in , the better.

Well, in my own weird way I have been in the music industry since I was 5 and had my first radio single out, it was a song about pancakes 😀 All I can say is that the only reason I am still in music is that since I was 2 I have had the really strong knowing that my path in this life is to bring the world music of my kind . I did not choose it myself and sometimes it annoys me a bit but I can’t help it, it´s the universe’s decision and I just follow.

So I think the music industry is great because it makes music reach the world and that’s all that matters to me. Of course we all know that there is a lot of manipulation and drama going on inside the record labels – like everywhere in the world-but the strong ones survive and others do not- that’s just how life works. If you know what you want you should never be afraid of “missing your chance” by saying “no” if you are not 100% sure about something.

So I am not scared by all those not so nice things that are happening in the industry because I am not there because of my ego. It does not hurt me much to sacrifice something in the name of music but I will never sacrifice the music I have inside me.


I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
 I would really like to spend 5 minutes with a wakwak (during the daytime though). Wakwaks are people who are humans during the daytime but become huge human-faced bats during the night. They have a really important part in the Phililpino mythology and even though it sounds like I am talking about some made-up fairy tale characters I really believe they are real. I lived there for a short time wo years ago and almost all of my friends there had experienced and seen them. They are basically really frightening creatures who eat this negative, fear’s energy to survive.

I am super fascinated by everything that my mind cannot understand – I would really like to know how does it feel to be one, how does it feel to be wicked…and would try to find a light inside a wakwak. I wonder if there can be some kind of understanding between us…For sure I would grow so much as a person after those 5 minutes and would start to consciously notice more dimensions of the reality…

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