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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I have just started my music journey…
and so far I have been completely blessed! I have met so many amazing people. I have been given many wonderful opportunities to perform as well. Cons; it takes a lot of time and red tape, but it is worth it.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
In all honesty I would want 5 minutes with God. That might be a common answer but its the truth. I would love to talk to him about my life and his and how my journey will turn out . When will I fall in love? Why do things happen the way that they do? What can I do to touch other people lives? How can I make the world a brighter place? 5 minutes with God would be life changing.


Song name: Somebody Else’s Moon
Music Genre: Pop/Country
This song is about waiting to find your true love. In life you go through many obstacles and part of the journey is finding your true love. Everyone does not go through the same obstacles and people fall in and out of love earlier than others. This song tells the story of waiting for love. In life it will be someone else’s time for love and you just have to be patient sometime. Your time to find your true love will come but you must wait and not get discouraged if someone else has fallen in love before you. I love this song because it is very inspiring and gives a great outlook to people who are waiting for their time.


I hope people can find inspiration in my album…
My music goes through a lot of different journeys in life. Whether its falling in love, falling out of love, helping others , or helping people through a difficult time. I want people to be inspired and encouraged when listening to my music. Whether they are going through a difficult time losing a loved one, or feeling happy and passionate for life, I hope my music can move people.


I live in Indianapolis, Indiana…
We don’t really have a big music scene. We have had to basically create one. My group and I have performed throughout Indiana and Tennessee performing at games, Galas, Benefits and more. We have sang the National Anthem at “The Pacers” basketball games, “Indy Eleven” soccer games, “Indianapolis Indians” baseball games, and even Roller Derby Games ! We have performed for children at the Riley Childrens hospital, “Create for the Cure” for Children with cancer and many other events like the “Indy 500” marathon and more.

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