by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Fernando Honorato – vocals, bass, piano
Jimmy Ottosson – guitars
Rebecka Johansson – keyboards
Joakim Janthe – drums

The new album, “Oceans”…
is the lovechild of curious playfulness and total control. Our sources of inspiration and creativeness were a lot deeper and wider this time, and less people were involved in the making (apart from the mastering, everything was done by ourselves). Compared to our previous work, well, on the musical side a little sweeter, a little brighter, and dreamier perhaps, more varied yet not eclectic. On the lyrical side just as dark and gloomy as ever before.

Stockholm, Sweden…
I have stopping care about the music scene here, not that interested actually. But there’s a bunch of great artists and friends which are pretty talented. But actually, I do not follow the development so much, no matter genre.

Music business …
Well, here in Sweden is quite the same this far, not that much happening but I suppose the music hasn’t been discovered yet on a higher level.

But of course, in Germany (where we have our label) we have experienced some success and done great shows, specially on festivals. Great audience. The same in Spain and also Portugal.


Song name: Strangers In The Night
Music Genre: Postpunk / Shoegaze / Indie
The track (and the whole album) was recorded here in Stockholm in different basements and at The Royal Institute of Art were I work. The song is about confusion and love relations.



I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
I would love to have met Bowie among others of course but if I must choose just one it would be Björk. Or maybe PJ Harvey. Some great artists and inspirations through the years.. Or Kate Bush.

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