Band Name: Cabela and Schmitt

In The Beginning…

The Beatles have been the most influential in the music I create because of the freedom they had to be creative in everything they did.

I first knew this was the right path for me when I started playing the guitar. I played the piano for some time, but making rock and roll was a lot different when playing the guitar.

In the beginning, the biggest obstacle for me was myself and making that commitment to do what I love without inhibition. I really don’t care if they remember me at all. I care about if they hear a song that we share, and it impacts their lives in a way that possibly makes them a better person for hearing it.

I love feeling that inspiration during the creation of a song. There are piles of material that start with a really cool feel or a chord progression or whatever that sit on the shelf for years until the next piece of that puzzle is revealed, but the first moments of the creation are so delightful.

Now I hope to reach the most people we can positively enlighten their ears until we can do it no more.

Moving forward, I’m looking forward to working, planning, and creating! As long as the work you are doing makes you happy and gives you fulfillment, everything you do seems to be enjoyable.

Cabela and Schmitt are long-time friends who have enjoyed the gift of creating music together for several decades. We love experimenting with different instruments, and it sounds like something different sparks something else differently, causing the creative process to blossom. We also enjoy the idea of not being put in a box that tells us how and what our inspirations should be…we are free to develop whatever comes into our minds.

Song name: Special Kind of Love

Music Genre:: Pop/Rock

“Special Kind of Love” is a message to our fans, letting them know that after so many years away from performing that we are now sharing the passion and music we’ve never stopped creating. Even though they may have thought we were done…this time is a big surprise.

Special Kind of Love is a journey back in the ’80s and a growing process to today. Really a love story between us, our music, and the people who used to watch us play live and listen to the words of love we shared with them. And also a return after decades of keeping the music to ourselves as we went about our own lives and grew more inward toward the messages and what they mean to us personally. How we learn from the words and apply them to our own lives. 

We have not played live since those days so long ago. We never thought we were good enough or worthy to commit to a career of it at the time completely. But now we are spilling our souls and sharing all that has been bottled up over the years to anyone and everyone willing to listen… in honor of those who initially made this a worthwhile endeavor.

I live in… 

Nebraska and spend most of my time living! It has been a wonderful experience since retiring a few years ago. Although I am free to do what I want, I get up every day in the wee early hours of the morning and spend several hours working on making music and its marketing. It’s a labor of love…unlike when I had a job to report to.

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