Looking towards the future..
I imagine the band performing our music once again in front of audiences, as we all rejoice together without fear.

Watch the Live Vinyl Rock you through the Night Video

“Rock through the Night” is a song that has that live appeal.

The song is a terrific live show opener to convey how the band will Rock the crowd through the night, and we can all dance to live music.

Merrick New York. Due to COVID restrictions, I spend most of my time on Long Island, New York. I have many influences, played many styles of Rock in the past that influence me. For Live Vinyl , famous artists’ influence comes from our lead singer Grace Nazario’s amazing ability to cover these singers with great accuracy while making it her own.

Kelly Clarkson, Aretha Franklin, Pink, Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Lenny Kravitz, Stevie Wonder. Bands influences are, Black Crows, Rolling Stones, Sly Stone, P. Funk, Led Zeppelin. With Live Vinyl I knew when I got friends together to tryout our lead singer Grace Nazario, once I heard her voice, I knew this worth putting the time and effort to make it happen.

I am the writer, producer, and guitarist for the band Live Vinyl. I have played Rock and Roll and commercial style Rock cover music and original Rock music composition for over thirty years.

“Get out Party Today” was inspired by the COVID lockdown and post COVID world I know we will be enjoying this year. I wrote the song in June of 2020 based on the understanding that we will enjoy life with a renewed spirit when people can get together and enjoy life and live music better than ever before.

The Band…

As a band we focus on creating organic music with real instrumentation that is original and relatable across multiple genres. I enjoy this, the feeling we get when people get genuinely excited about our songs and live playing. Creating music as an art that inspires listeners is what I like most.

We want to get people to hear our songs and our message as a band to perform these songs live in front of audiences and inspire a festive spirit to anyone who wants to listen.

We are currently working on getting the proper professional press, getting our music heard by industry professionals and fans who can appreciate the message we are conveying. With many years of producing multiple Rock music styles, that was in good part, some not so much; with Live Vinyl, I have strong confidence the band has a commercial appeal that many people will enjoy, even more so with Live performance.

Regarding Live Vinyl. That we are a good band, with good songs and look forward to hearing new music and to see us Live on stage.

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