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Interviewing: Ronnie Brihm

Song : Flex
Hip hop
This song is about having a good time and vibe. It was written after I left the gym. Even when life gets tough and hurdles seem to continually pop up, it’s important that you don’t loose your focus. You have to keep your goals in mind and practice the discipline necessary to get it done.  No one is going to get things done for you, it’s all up to you.



New album…
You can expect a good vibe chill atmosphere. This album is significant to me because it depicts my life as an art while painting the picture of my success and failure.

I live in Columbus Ohio….
The music scene in my town is very competitive yet social

Music business…
I love the music business. Some of the pros I have experienced was building relationships with other artists. I have not had many cons

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Jay z. I admire him because he is business savvy he turned a record label into an empire.

Social media :
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Twitter: LoKi_z1