“The greatest piece of advice that I have received is
If you are the most talented person in the room, you are in the wrong room. To me that means that you should always strive to work with the most talented people you can so you will always be challenged to improve on your craft.”



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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio


Person Interviewing: Samantha Spano


My Bucket list…
The top three things on my musical bucket list would be to perform at a televised award show (and hopefully win that award), sell out a tour, and meet Taylor Swift 🙄

Song name: Crazy Boy
Music Genre:: Country

This song is about…
a relationship between two young people that can’t be without each other even when other people have their own opinion about it. In my generation where Social Media rules, it is very easy for people to make comments about how things will be in someone else’s life. The song is based upon my assumption of what it would be like since I haven’t had a boyfriend yet!


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My music is…
my way of speaking to younger audiences about the ups and downs of being a young teenager and finding your niche in your young teens.

I live in…
 Freehold which is in central NJ. The music scene here consists mostly of a mix of pop and classic rock. Let’s just that country artists don’t grow on trees here.


What defines “Success” to you?
Success to me would be the ability for me to connect with as many young people as I can with my music. I am happiest when my young audiences sing my lyrics back to me when I perform for them.


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