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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW DESERT STORM
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Scott Jordan Music

I consider myself an evolving musician so my sound is led by my influences and my 70’s- 80’s childhood and continues to translate into a never ending experience.  You can’t help but be directed by your past. I have music I’m working to complete right now and I’m certainly looking forward to the release of the full musical story.  I ‘ve also worked with my brother who is a fine artist to create the cover art. Hope to see signing on for the journey.

I now live in Austin, Texas…
a.k.a. the “Live Music Capital of the World.” The music scene here is vibrant and diverse, and you can hear music throughout the city. Popular places include 6th Street, Rainey Street Historic District, downtown Congress Avenue, the Continental Club, the Elephant Room, Stubb’s BBQ, Donn’s Depot, Austin 360 Amphitheatre, Emo’s, and countless other venues too many to name! Home of Austin City Limits and the South By Southwest music and film festival.


Having just released my debut album…
I am still relatively new to the music industry and am learning it as we speak. I feel that there is tremendous abundance, variety, authenticity, and songwriting craft among indie musicians and songwriters, who, in various ways, are fusing together different styles and looking forward. I like that. Although it’s very difficult now to monetize one’s music, I know that I would not be able to express myself musically without the resources and technology we have today, and I appreciate the community and support of indie artists.

Desert Storm… 
I first imagined the song as a mysterious, soulful progressive rock composition that builds with intensity. However, as I was about half-way through the song, an actual storm came through and cut my power off at home, completely erasing whatever tracks I was working on with my keyboard and computer. I was living out in west Texas at the time, where lightning storms can be quite ferocious and you can’t help but feel a sense of vulnerability. So, as I sat in the dark, waiting for the electricity to power up again (and not knowing when that would happen), I knew what this song was about and what it would be called. I wanted to express the beauty and the power of nature, and so I created and arranged the instrumental tracks that would conjure up a “Desert Storm.”

My debut album “Voyager”…
consists of some of the first songs I’ve ever written and is intended to represent my musical aspirations, what I love about music, the journey of music. The songs are meant to evoke images and the experience of travel, whether real or abstract. My music, based in traditional rock and pop, incorporates chill music, lounge jazz, Latin, retro, easy listening, other genres and styles.

Inspired by…
I think if I had the choice right now to pick one person to spend five minutes with, it would be Jimmy Page. The guy was an amazing guitar player and record producer, had a brilliant mind and some business savvy, changed music forever, and was kind of a smart-eleck. I would love to hear his thoughts about what went into his music and how he came to craft the unique, powerful, and revolutionary sound of the greatest rock and roll band ever. I am not a guitarist, but I certainly feel his influence and impact.


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