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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW TITUS STYLE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Today’s social media crowd has a very short attention span so I’ve tried to focus on keeping fresh content pushing out on social media as I go along during the process.

I also am blessed to work with my son on projects because he’s terrific with video. I expect this next year to be a great year for us as we have lots of video and live streams coming up.

In my opinion, Hiphop isn’t focused enough on content any more. It seems to be moving away from story telling but I’m sticking to it and adding in humor as well. You’ll always find a lot of innovation in this years production and you can certainly count on seeing me digging deeper into video. 

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I live just outside of Detroit…
in a small town called Hazel Park, just a few blocks north of 8 mile. As we all know Detroit is well known for its extremely divers musical seen from artist like Eminem, Kid Rock, The White Strips, Big Sean going back to its roots in Motown and Classic Rock.


Music Business…
Well, I’m fairly new to the “Business” part of music so I’m excited to learn everything about it.  One of the Pro’s to me is knowing it’s absolutely possible to have a thriving independent music career where I can meet and reach the entertainment needs of my audience via Social Media. The Con is definitely the trial and error of finding and learning the most efficient way of doing that as an independent business beginner.



Titus Style…
who is also presently a member of the group West Evelyn. Pop Another Bottle by Titus Styles & Alena Nicole as West Evelyn. The song Pop Another Bottle is a classic St. Patty’s day drinking anthem.  Back in 2008 I lived in the Corktown area of Downtown Detroit which was originally an old Irish community.

One day I received a copy of your album “The Night Is….Young” by Derek Warfield & The Young Wolfe Tones in the mail. Considering the fact that I personally didn’t order it myself, I assumed my address was on some sort of mailing list for a previous resident.

Due to the fact that I am open minded to all kinds of music I decided to give it a listen. Although I previously never had an opportunity to be exposed to this type of music which is like an Irish folk music, I instantly became a fan with my first listen. The wonderfully melodic tones and uniquely composed instrumentation quickly became infectious to me. Over time I found myself being drawn back to it time and time again. Especially when I listened to the song titled “Hop-Jean Michele’s Reel”.

I was like this “Hop” is pretty damn “hip” and would make for a dope ass sample. So I hung on to it all this time, so when I was putting the album together I had a friend of mine and one of the main Producers on my EP by the name of Khalil Guinn, sample a section of it and loop it for my song “Pop Another Bottle”.
The concept …
“Hope for Hip-Hop Vol. 1 Make Hip hop great again” was inspired by the “HOPE” campaign of former president Barack Obama and president Donald Trump’s play on words “Make America Great Again”. To me the strong similarity between rap and politics is uncanny. They both have the ability to move and sway the opinions of many with words all while mudslinging an opponent. So “Hope” to preserve some of the authenticity in Hip hop music with the release of the single “Pop Another Bottle”, and the mixtape/EP Hope for Hip Hop Vol.1 “Make Hip-Hop Great Again”.


Inspired by…
I am a huge Kevin Hart fan and I admire his focus, drive and determination. He is where he is because he gets up every day with the mind set of “What can I do today that will put me further ahead than yesterday”.  He’s a true expert at selling himself to the masses, a social media master.  Kevin to me is the face of a generation of “do it yourself” promoters and that’s a blue print I would love to learn and build on.


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