This month I have focused on myself and looked back through my life. I’ve been looking for ways to bring my life into my music, I feel some times it’s very important to step back from life and take a look at yourself. As bad as life has been, I am proud to be where I am. Although at times I might have felt broken, I have always had faith that everything will be ok. I believe that the struggle you might be facing is just a test which leads to a new story or a new song. I feel this album is my reality check and out of all the albums I have done, this album is the one that I am most proud. It’s my most personal album yet so now that I’ve accomplished it, I feel if I continue to focus, I can continue to create amazing music moving forward.

Episode #539: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

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What are 3 things you’ve learned this past year..
I have to say I’ve learned Patience. It might sound very strange but after traveling overseas with an x partner, it really takes the patience right out of you. But also at that time I have learned that I don’t need to be loved to be happy . This year has been a year of self discovery. I have also learned to take more time to work on my vocals and this leads to more confidence in my singing ability..

Favorite music or success quote…
If you’re waiting for someone to believe in you, you’ll be waiting forever. You must believe in yourself. -Cher


New Song: My Beautiful Drug
Genre: Pop/rock

This song is about…
A story of my life & how I spent all my life looking for love in all the wrong places, as many times i got my heart broken I went back for more to find love and eventually become addicted to the idea of just wanting to be loved. Later I had to come to terms that love wouldn’t be found that’s why this song is very personal to me as it takes a page from my life story.


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Who have been the most influential in your music and why..
To be honest with you, many other artists have been so influential to me, I really connect with artists who have been through so many of life struggles and still continue to write and record and produce, you can always here it in the words they sing, that’s what I want to be able to achieve.

One of my best friends who was my mentor in life started me on this journey, If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today. Unfortunately he passed away before he got so see my success. A lot of what I do now is in dedication to his memory.  Some of my other friends see greatness in what I do so that also influences me a lot. I always take a page from my life and I transfer that out into a song and then an album like I have done with “Getting To Know My Heart.”

Describe your songwriting and production process..
My process can take form in many different ways. I can be half asleep and a song will come into my head and I just have to get up and record it.. right then with or without an instrumental. If I write it down sometimes, I loose the impact of emotion behind it so that’s where free styling the song is best.  Most of the songs I do now are freestyle.

I have been told my songs have more feeling when they are freestyle but other times when I get hit with that creativity, I lock myself in my room and I take pen to paper. After that I will try creating the instrumental. The instrumental process can take anything up to 12 hours to 3 days to put together some times it can take two hours. It all just depends. My favorite thing to use is Studio Logic. All of what I do and know has all been self taught. The instruments that I really love are the guitar, the pain, the violin and drums…

For the last few years I have seen my music grow and develop and change, it has all been a self taught endeavor. I was born with music in my blood and I know it’s the only thing I wanted to do in life. There was a time when I was about to give it all away because I couldn’t get my voice back. A friend begged me not to give it up so I pushed through it and have kept going till this day. There hasn’t been a time that I’ve ever looked back! Music for me is life. Without it I could not exist.

Albums known for: (please note not all albums are online)
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Reflections 2012
Changing Tides 2013
Changes 2014
Burning Bridges 2015
The Best Of Sean Houston 2015
Chapter 31, 2015
Dark Passenger 2015
Lessons Learned 2015
Fuck Love 2016
Sex Games 2017
Love Sex & Wrath 2017

And two new albums on the way !

Friends 2014
I Wanna Be The 1 2015
Take Me As I AM 2015
Lessons Learned 2015
Turn Around 2016
Say What You Want 2016
Don’t Look Back 2017
Its Time To Go 2017
Don’t Look Back 2017

Record Labels. Strawberry Hills Records 2014-2015
As an artist I’m always looking for new challenges and new ideas to improve and better myself in my career. i have been a solo artist for the most part. Managing myself for most part and marketing myself through social media avenues and creating album artwork myself. I am seeking representation from a record label and i am looking to take my music to the next level.

Well known for free styling lyrics when it comes to creating a new album, as a solo artist I am always looking to collaborate with other talented artists in the world music community.

What are you most looking forward to this next year?
I am really looking forward to taking my music to the next level, This could mean Touring or becoming a part of a label or collaborating with other artists. Before I would be to scared to do this…. But now I am ready to take my music to the next level.


Sean Houston on My Beautiful Drug


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