We don’t just sing lyrics, we feel them, in every word, in every breath we put our passion, projection.

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Jacqueline Jax logo photoInterview by Jacqueline Jax
host of A.V.A Live Radio

Band Members: Serene Salinas & Coco Salinas

What defines “Success” to you?
Defined Success is to make your dreams come true and when this happens you realize that your career exceeds the expectations that you had dreamed of. We both as artists had been longing to work in what we love that is Music, but we never expected the feedback we received from such audiences like we have had, it really makes us feel grateful, blessed and extremely happy.

Success to us, is achieving the feedback that we have received from our audience, to bring from our hearts the true melody that people truly enjoy and to have the support that we have had from audiences, companies and radio stations like A.V.A Live Radio that are supporting our music.

Success is to be here in this moment sharing our story with all of you.


What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
Carlos Santana said that music from the heart is never out of date, there’s always music from the heart.

This is exactly the moment that we merged into our hearts to share our music from the heart. Rick Washington told us that he really likes how the transparency of our music sounds louder than a thousand notes.

Arturo Sandoval taught us that to practice is the most important thing in a musicians life. At Arturo Sandoval’s Jazz Club in Miami we met Sheila E, she listened to our show and she highlighted that our interaction with the audience is very special, the audience loves this about us, Pete Escovedo Sheila’s father and fabulous musician agreed with Sheila. All of this is always present in our hearts within every performance.


Song name: Como Decirte No (How Could I Say No)

Music Genre:: Pop/Latin Pop

This song is about…
This song is about Love! True Love, this song relays the message in that the world is so different today… To us it doesn’t matter what they say, what they do or their opinion about our Love the only thing that matters is you. This song tells our Love story in ways that many can relate that the only important thing in this life is Love, real Love!

Link to play:: https://youtu.be/zvYydaADFzY


My music is…
Our music is the essence of our soul. We don’t just sing lyrics, we feel them, in every word, in every breath we put our passion, projection. We believe in a Universe of melodies, notes & rhythm, our music selection comes from the library we have within our souls. We are convinced that this library is given to us all from the Universe, we are grateful that we can hear it.

Our music is available on YouTube, we are working on more original material to share our music with the world. We compose our own music & write our own lyrics, Serene plays the piano, Salinas is on the guitar & we are both vocalists.

We are used to playing with very skilled musicians from different parts of the world at clients request. On our YouTube channel you will find all our live performance videos on tv, corporate parties, studio, cruises etc…. We have a wide range of performance experience from Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico & of course in our country USA.


I live in…
We currently live in Florida. The music scene here in the US is very diverse and we are about to go on our next cruise ship contract. At this time we are performing in cruise companies, this is a great avenue to meet different people of all cultures and backgrounds. To be on stage every day is where we love to be and the feedback from our diverse and multicultural audience encourages us to keep making new music and is preparing us for the tour that we are planning to do across the United States.

We really would love to perform in Universities, Colleges & Festivals because we are full of Love, Peace & Harmony , our story is reflected in every song we sing, who we are inside and the message we bring about Love. We have been told by many people in audience that this is what impacts them the most, when they hear and watch us perform they automatically feel the Love and know that we are a couple, they have told us that our harmonies reach them where they are and they just have to tell us about it because we inspire & change the way they feel.


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