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“Persistence, if you can hold on for 30 years and still have that fire and passion about it nothing will stop you.”-@SOCtheMusic

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by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Overcoming hurdles…
Persistence, if you can hold on for 30 years and still have that fire and passion about it nothing will stop you.

Success is…
being happy and doing everything I do with passion. My biggest accomplishment is the rock opera that I wrote, I thought that it would be the hardest thing would be to write a song and now it’s 150 songs and 30 years later the world has only heard the first 3.

3 ways that I challenge myself…
1. Painting
2. Writing
3. Music
These are things that I do everyday. Socrates said, ‘a man that does two things does nothing.’ I do three or more and I’m the boss of everything. Everything I do from drawing and tattooing to mixing songs and getting them out is me trying to beat the competition and prove that I’m the best.

Inspiration to get into music…
I grew up with guitars laying all over the house and drums in the living room. My dad was in a band and my mother was a singer. I grew up with a house full of music.

The Lost Ones…
There was not really a backstory but more of a feeling, like truth has been waiting and those who carry it.

The music scene in New Mexico…
There is not much of a music scene. Everyone will hit the clubs in town once in a while but if you play an acoustic guitar you can have more of a chance to play at a venue. Outside of music I like to paint, tattoo, write (I’m trying to finish my book) and mix my next songs.
The music industry…
come a long way, I like where it is now, it can be controlled by the artist and you get to keep your own music and not give it to someone else. I have sent my music to record companies and it’s a waste of time. It seems to come down to who you know not what you have. That’s the way the whole world seems to be. The good thing is that now is when you can put anything out and the world can hear you almost right away. The con is there are millions of people doing the same.

Singles vs an album…
I think singles move more, people want singles more than an album. It’s a 3 second world. You can’t put an album out every year and have people forget about you. With singles you can release one every couple of weeks and keep the market saturated. Today there are so many distractions that people have where they forget about you quickly.

Shadow of Comfort indie band
I would love to have 5 minutes with…
Jim Morrison, he is one of my biggest influences. He holds more magic and mystery and has a poet’s heart.




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