“My overall goal is to live a life with the same amount of purpose, love, and grace that God shows me every day. My career goal is to be the Best” -@Mike_Sarge

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Mike Sarge Bio:
The game is aware of the newest wave of artists like Lecrae and Andy Mineo who are blowing up the national charts with their inspirational and faith driven content. If you call them christian rappers or rappers who happen to be christian, it’s clear that their music sells and labels are searching for the next big CHH artist. Independent artist, Mike Sarge, has proven early that not only does he have the skill to make some noise in the game but he also has the drive to go the distance for years to come. Growing up in Georgia, Sarge’s music background consisted of Hip-Hop, Gospel, and Soul. This inspiration of music had him constantly in a pair of headphones growing up. Despite being raised in a God-Fearing home, Mike experienced a lot of struggle, hurt, and trials that would later become  source of inspiration for his love for music. In late 2013, he decided that he would pursue the path of becoming an artist. Focused on being more than just a rapper, Mike Sarge’s goal was not only to be the best artist that he could be but also to be an inspiration to those that feel like they could never reach their dreams. He tells those in his local community that, “Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. So keep your head up and grind hard.” Even with Mike Sarge’s content being faith driven, the messages within his music can relate to those going through the struggle of everyday life. Despite the fact that Mike Sarge hasn’t been an artist for very long, he’s already released 7 projects (2 album, 5 mixtapes) within the past 3 years. Three of the mixtapes have been released in under a year (January 2014 – August 2014). Along with performing at a showcase in Atlanta, Mike Sarge was selected to perform at the annual Raise The Praise festival in Portland, TN that also featured national artists like Plumb and Derek Minor. Mike Sarge has also featured with artists like Dre Murray, Bumps INF, Mouthpi3ce, Angie Rose, FLo and more. His work ethic and unique sound is what really separates him from the rest. With Mike Sarge adding to his arsenal by diving into production, graphic design, and artist development, he’s already making moves to prove that he is ready to start a new movement within the music culture.Outside of the music, Mike is also currently enlisted as a member of the United States Military (Air Force). With the support of his spouse and close friends, he continues to work hard within the community

Overall goal..
To live a life with the same amount of purpose, love, and grace that God shows me every day. My career goal is to be the Best

3 Ways that I challenge myself
1) Do things I’m not comfortable doing so I never have the mentality that I can’t do something
2) Working on my weaknesses while polishing my strengths
3) Build GENUINE relationships with people.


Success is…
Simple. Changing the lives of people around me. For example, I’ve had many people tell me that an album or a set of songs is good. What I consider success is when someone comes up to me telling me how a particular song really hit home for them and it felt as I made that song for them. Success is knowing that you created your art in such a way that people can’t help but to gravitate to it.

Overcoming hurdles…
As an independent artist, I’d say overcoming hurdles has everything to do with how hard you work and who you surround yourself with. When you don’t make excuses for yourself, you set a standard of excellence that others will want to follow. Once you have people that are interested, you must decipher between those that want the best for you and those that just want to ride along as dead weight. Most importantly, reminding myself of why I do what I do everyday is key! You must constantly check your motives.

Starting in music…
My heart has always wanted to help people and I felt music was one of the many ways that I could do that. Everyone is preaching a message about something: Life, Struggles, Money etc. I want my music to inspire those who are constantly presented with distorted views/messages.

Authentic ft. Evan Ford
The story behind the song is every day we live in a world that constantly tells us: who we are, what we should look or act like, what to wear, who we should marry, what to avoid, etc. Often times we sacrifice who we truly are in order to live up to expectations. In this song, I want to inspire everyone to love and embrace who they are and be exactly who God created them to be.

What to expect…
My music is very much an anomaly and you can expect different elements in it. I like to make music that people can play repeatedly in their car but I also like to make music that is very transparent to others about my life, my beliefs, and my struggles as well. Sometimes my music is very catchy & upbeat; The next moment it could be inspirational but slower; or even have soulful vibes that inspire you to look at life differently. Most importantly, expect to hear music that you don’t hear on the radio.

Living in Augusta Georgia…
As far as the music scene is concerned, I believe that there is some good talent that needs to be seen/heard. It’s not a huge music town but there are a variety of Open Mic venues. Outside of music I like to play dodgeball!


The music business…
My take on the music business is that you have to have tough skin. I believe that the industry is changing in many ways. I also believe that as you move into a new era, the industry should change with the times in order to be effective. As an independent artist, it’s good to know that I have my own lane and that regardless of the genre that I do I can let the world hear my music. Obviously, a lot of what people consider to be “good” music in today’s age is very subjective and because of that I believe the quality of music has gone down. Also, I believe we place too high a value on co-signed artists. Like I said earlier, I understand it’s all business!


Social Media…
I like the fact that social media can get your information out in a matter of seconds to multiple people. When attempting to stand out, social media allows you to have voice that you wouldn’t have outside of it. Some of the most challenging things about social media is that when you make posts, it may not be seen by everyone that you expect to see it because your posts are competing with tons of other posts. Also, if you don’t have the money/ financial backing of a label, it can be very difficult to advertise/market your music. Finally, because people have so much access to tons of other artists as well, people often choose to follow artists who give out free music than those that ask you to buy their album/EP.


Singles vs an album…
I don’t see an issue with releasing either one. I believe singles give the fans a good gauge of where the artist plans on taking his or her next project. As far as albums/EPs are concerned, I do think that projects have become less conceptual/creative and that the value of them is going down slowly. For these reasons, I make sure that I’m as creative as possible with my product. Whether it’s a song, the cover artwork, ad campaigns, etc., it’s vital that you stand out.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
1.)Lecrae: He’s been the frontrunner for my genre for a long time and I have tons of questions to ask.
2.)Maya Angelou: The reason for her is pretty ease, have you seen her quotes? She was a very inspiring person that everyone should have been around.
3.) Dr. Eric Thomas This guy has literally started from the bottom and hearing him motivate people is really amazing.

Music trends…
For me personally, I do think there is the  pressure to be trendy because you want others to listen to you. I believe you find balance once you find your identity as an artist.



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