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Song name: Vision Catcher
Music Genre: Yahgaze


What define success to me is living life through knowledge.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
Can’t find one but a quote my teacher said once was interesting to me. “If you have a good rough draft of a recording, the production will be great.”

I live in…
New Mexico. The music scene here is intimate and close.

What originally inspired your work or idea for the song?
I was seventeen and i was really thinking about the concept of spirituality. What it means to live in the most positive way possible. Years later I didn’t want to write about my feelings about living life in a spiritual aspect I wanted to make music instead about my feelings when I was a teen. So I thought vision catcher would be a great way to explain it.
During the time I was recording vision catcher I was talking to someone in a public bath room in my dorm hall. He was explaining to me how he enjoyed music that was a journey. At this time I was into music that had a sonic sound. Best way I can describe it is that it’s a journey with a huge sonic sound.

Knowledge is simple….

Knowledge is common sense like treating someone the way you want to be treated, Tell the truth, To love, etc. Etc So I try my best to apply that to my everyday life. Wisdom means to apply knowledge. But learning life experience is valuable too. Life is an ongoing process. I still got a lot to learn.

The album was produced by me…

I started working on it by the end of August 2015. I recorded it at my college. I recorded bass and guitar tracks and manipulated sounds. I added drums and synths as well. It’s all one song which is 30 minutes long. There’s three parts to it and every months I worked on one part each. I released it at the beginning of December 2015.

This song is about…
To begin looking at life in a spiritual manner.

My music is…
 Music is about the soul. A new sub genre of many things. It’s psychedelic, melodic, heavy, and distorted. It has elements of spoken word, post rock, stone gaze, electronic, noise etc. it’s music about knowledge wisdom and understanding.

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