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Interviewing: James Signorelli


The hustle gets the gigs…
I have had nothing really anything bad to say about it so far, I just hustle and am getting a lot of gigs (paying). Oh yeah, I have turned down numerous gigs since I was asked to play free and not that I am anything special but I am setting the precedent. If you are so willing to play for free all the time you get a reputation as such and it does follow you around. I will and do play free sometimes but it is of my choosing. Well how about that Siggie, the way I see it is there is a whole lot of voltage in the vintage.

Because Seattle is Washington’s largest city, the music of Seattle has long played a major role in the music of Washington, in genres of alternative rock that included grunge, and major bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Seattle remains home to several influential bands, labels, and venues. It’s always evolving.

Trends and current music…
gives me ideas for my own music. It does influence me a bit mostly by inspiring ideas. I have noticed a little change in my music from Americana to an Eastern European feel, incorporate violin and percussion. I’m excited to see where the next productions take me.


Song name: Two Dogs And A Red
Music Genre: Americana
This song is about being a guest in a native Alaskan village and about my fishing adventures while there. Of course, I did catch a whole lot of fish but no one wants to hear a song about that so I wrote it as though I did not catch any fish. The title comes from the fact that the fish that were running in the river were 2 types of Salmon (Dog and Sockeye/Red) The funny thing about it is we did have 2 of the village dogs hang out with us the whole stay. I originally wrote it and recorded at home on my Cu-base program but just recently went in to the infamous Bad Animals/Studio X in Seattle to record my upcoming CD 300 Steps (due out in July 2017) so all my songs previously written and some new ones are all on it (300 Steps).


Link: Song launching July 2017,  Amazon and I Tunes
On 300 steps I really change my sound(s) thru out the CD/recording and have some very good musicians helping me out on it.


Well of course the late Leonard Cohen because his work is/was so deep and his poetry wonderful we have lost many a good talent this year of which Leonard was one of course. Also, the late Townes Van Zandt was someone whose music inspired me (I cove a few of his since his style is right in my wheel house) but he was sure a shipwreck waiting to happen.

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