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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SKIDBONE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
ADAM GIBSON / guitars & vocals
BONES GAGNE / bass & vocals
JOHN GAGNE / drums & vocals

Even though we are family, you have to work to keep a band together. You have to have a mutual respect for each other and trust in prayer when conflict arises. I feel that in that past year we have really grown and continue to push ourselves.

PSALM 101:11…
the lyrics were written by me & it pretty much started as just a band “jam” recorded during a rehearsal with no vocals for it. I was sitting listening to it& the words just started flowing, filling my head, as I have gone thru PTSD, anxiety and depression. So that is where the song came from a very heavy heart. I was more or less forced out of where I was living, so I had no place to go, no job, & a whole bunch of disorders to deal with as well.

I lived amongst the homeless in a Mission & while I was there we filmed our video for HEAVENS’ HOMES & had multiple radio & TV interviews. That is what I use for tools when I am writing.. what I am going thru or even others are going thru…. What is current for me… & a tidbit of info … in the Bible there is no Psalm 101:11, it’s a reference to a highway number & a home where they intersect… where the pain began.

We have a still picture video for the song, but our next project will be a film video for Psalm 101:11… we want it to portray the hardships I (OR ANYONE) have suffered & the bonds that have formed out of these hardships’ blackness, how I PULLED MYSELF OUT OF IT !

I would probably produce it or at least co-produce as I know what I would like to see for it. We would use the actual scenes of the places , such as the woods, the Mission, and the small bedroom I’ve stayed in. So not only does that help us it may also bring awareness to ways and places to get help.

New Album…
We currently have new material for our Sophomore release & are looking into the funding aspect of it so we can move forward with it. The songs are heavier than our debut EP and show how we have transformed into a well oiled team machine. As soon as we have a date this and the video are our next priorities as well as more live dates.

Skidbone wants to “TAKE THE DEVIL OUTTA ROCK” is one of our new brand marks. we started using this a few months back with little response & are going to incorporate it again starting this week & what that means is we don’t wanna write for the devil to get glory… we write about life, love, how to solve problems, &….. here’s the kicker today…. HAPPINESS & BEAUTIFUL WOMEN !!! hmmm that might just work… NO H8 music . that’s another we used for the Skidbone brand for awhile. to explain our music would be to say we have songs that range from pop to rock to heavy rock. still that 70s 80s type feel with the clarity of todays’ sound.

It’s a tough balance for me as I work a night shift & have to reschedule gigs and/or work nights to perform and most of the time I have to rehearse exhausted and lose sleep. My brother & drummer John does ALL the marketing & promoting for the band because he doesn’t work and is rather good at it. He learns at his computer and applies that knowledge to the band which has given us a worldwide online fan base. Adam our guitarist has a toddler at home and works hard to raise a family and juggle the band too, but goes out of his way to fit in rehearsal & gigs. He’s played more gigs than us as a band because if we as a unit cannot make a gig he sometimes plays acoustic sets. WE ALL LOVE WHAT WE ARE DOING !
Social media..
Last year we had a Facebook page … we now have added Twitter & Instagram so it keeps us really busy. We interact with fans everyday and at times will send them a video of a rehearsal song or even a live clip… even an unpublished song we have sent privately to ask if it sounds worthy of play. our Facebook page has dates, current band events, links to all our music and interviews & also allows fan interaction, tells fans about secret happenings & new pix, etc..

We are still in Leominster, Massachusetts…
and this time of year is great for bands because there are alotta clubs people go to in the winter due to being snowbound so you sometimes get to play for a bigger than normal crowd & gigs are plentiful because people want to stay in & be entertained in this and surrounding areas. Leominster has a festival for just about every season so in the warmer months they utilize local bands to play outdoors! Fresh air & music !!! WOO-HOO ! Also incorporated this year was a band bitmoji of John that he uses to post things & more importantly… make people laugh or think about themselves . As soon as he has a little time he is gonna try to make bitmojis of all band members so when we interact we’ll be able to respond with Bitmojis ! Gotta keep it fun & positive !!!! NO H8 MUSIC ! TAKE THE DEVIL OUTTA ROCK ! God bless you all & thank God for music !




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