Artist: Andrew Esner
I’m a self taught musician that plays many instruments like: piano, guitar, drums and bass. I also sing and do vocals. I’ve built my own music studio in my basement and create original music.

I live in…
I live in Brooklyn, NewYork.
I spend most of my time in Brooklyn, New York making music from my home music studio.

Who has been the most influential in your music and why..
My father was the most influential in my music by always getting me what I need to make my music. Also for believing in me as a musician and encouraging me to stay true to myself. I only feel truly fulfilled when I’m making music. I completely realize that every piece of music isn’t for everyone but the whole point of creating is to challenge yourself and improve your skills. As long as I’m doing that, the music will find its’ listener.

What is your ultimate goal?
I have been a musician since I was 5 years old. But my ultimate dream is to be a famous musician that travels the world. This is all thanks to my loving father who recently just passed away. He always believed in me as a musician and did what ever he could to help me succeed.

Song name: Ocean Waves
Music Genre:: Alternative Pop
I’ve recently created a song about my love towards a girl and how she is beautiful like the ocean. I created this song to fill in a part of me that was missing from my father who passed away

Link to play: Ocean Waves

Describe your songwriting and production process..
My process is typically simple and organic. It all starts with an idea inspired by just about anything from life to feelings that need to be expressed. I sit down and start recording guitar or piano in a program called ProTools, next I’ll hop on the drums and make a nice sounding beat to what I just made. Then I’ll add some bass guitar to that. After the music is made ill start writing lyrics by listening to the music over and over again. Finally, when I’m ready to start mixing the music, it’s just a matter of time to produce the sound the way I like.

Favorite music or success quote.
“It might feel like a rough path as a musician but never give up. Keep practicing and learn as much as you can by staying true to yourself.” By Andrew Esner

What have you focused on this past month?
I’ve focused on getting my music out there and heard. Doing this in the short term definitely helps my long term goal at becoming a successful musician by developing my fan base that respects my music. I knew making music was my direction in life because all I do is play instruments. I love music with a passion!

What are 3 things you’ve learned this past year..
1. I learned how to play guitar much better.
2. I learned how to mix my own music.
3. I learned to listen to peoples criticism more and to learn from their opinions.

What are you most looking forward to this next year?
In the next year I’m looking forward to developing my loyal fan base and playing live shows.

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