Coming up June 30, 2022 Songwriter Eileen Carey will be performing at 3:30 in the San Diego Delmar Fair on the Coors light stage.

Written by @JacquelineJax

American Pride Interview with award-winning Singer Songwriter Eileen Carey on being a mom in the music business

Jacqueline Jax sat down with Songwriter and Mother Eileen Carey to find out how she manages to balance being a good mother while maintaining an active performing career.

Tell us the story of how you first decided to sing and write your own music?

Eileen Carey] I was booking entertainment for a large hotel chain and realized I could sing and write songs. I was here in Los Angeles to work in the film industry, but I couldn’t ignore my love of music over all things. I was -in many schools and church productions at the time but still felt inspired to do more.

Who is Eileen Carey? 

Eileen Carey] I am a Pop-Country singer-songwriter from Cleveland, Ohio, who is a longtime resident of Altadena, California, wife, mother of two daughters, mommy blogger , animal activist and I am active in my community. My songs tell stories, and suggest how great life can be if you reach for it. I suggest different ways of thinking about problems and life’s solutions. My current song, “Dreaming with Me” is all about positivity, and that one person can move the world. I am also, a huge sports fan, Ohio State Buckeyes football fan, and love the Lakers and Kings. I have been training as a kickboxer for well over a decade now to keep fit. 

In third person, Eileen Carey is an award-winning singer, mother, and music’s best-kept secret. Over her career, Carey has amassed over 20 awards and has performed at nearly 80 notable venues. She is also the founder of The Music Mom, a blog where Carey shares her thoughts about life and motherhood.

She had two number one singles in Country and Adult Contemporary (“Keep Your Love to Yourself” and “Leave It All Behind”) in 2021. In addition to her two number one singles, Carey has recently been nominated for four new music awards, including AC Female Artist of the Year, AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year, Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year, and Crossover Artist of the Year, alongside some of the most prominent artists of our time such as Adele and Dua Lipa.

What are you current goals for 2022?

Eileen Carey] I want to keep performing this year. I have been lucky enough to have put together the best band I have ever had. Got shows coming at the Coors Light Stage at the San Diego Fair in Del Mar on the 30th of this month, in the Hanger at the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa on July 16th, the Canyon Montclair with Mark Farner- from Grand Funk Railroad Band on August 13, and The Canyon Montclair on October 09, 2022. In September I will be in Nashville finishing three cuts in the studio. I am working on developing my Youtube channel and I am paying attention to my YouTube subscribers. 

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Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Eileen Carey] Nominated for a Grammy. Win one. You have to visualize something to get something.

Do you have dreams or goals you are currently working towards? 

I want to see my music used in films, television, and advertising; who knows maybe The Music Mom will become a television show itself. I see myself sharing stages with the same people I share my radio chart positions with.

Your songs focus on a messages of fulfillment and personal empowerment. If you could offer advice to someone struggling with their direction and sense of self-confidence, what would you tell them?

Eileen Carey] Enjoy the journey. There is nothing that creates confidence better than preparation. Be open to supporting others. Always work hard at your music and roll with the punches. It is a hard job, and a competitive one, but if somebody succeeds, why not you?

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