Article written by Juliette Roanoke for AVA Live Radio

Their new approach can change your perspective if you let it.

Cabela and Schmitt, a trio consisting of artists Rich Cabela, Wayne Schmitt, and Tom Schmitt, formed their rock band in a Nebraska garage in the 1970’s. The two brothers and their best friend started young and they’re still going strong. The weight of their continued presence in the music scene is a clear depiction of staying power in this ever-shifting music industry, as well as an example of the importance of being steadfast in your dedication to your principles, no matter what the climate may be. 

So what binds these guys together and maintains their relevance over so much time? One undeniable contributor has been their willingness to continuously adapt their marketing, a mandatory aspect of the business side of music today. But more so than publicizing, it’s how they can fluently communicate whole sentiments to a listener using only instruments. It’s the meditative effect their vocal harmonies will have on you. It’s the power of their deliberately written lyrics. It’s the seamlessly enmeshed gallery of influences, artists ranging from Elvis Presley and Billie Eilish, to Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton, you’ll hear present in their sound.

A commitment to evolving as artists is a rare and valuable find, but the method behind their melody’s development takes full shape in “Like A Stone”  When asked how their new release differs from their earlier albums, the members identified the main variable as their shift away from the “we have all this music we should let people hear it” approach they had adopted. 

Instead, to compose “Like A Stone” the musicians rolled up their sleeves and dove deep into their catalog of data, pulling from it the most popular of their musical gems which shared a central theme—Love. Their message is clearly conveyed in the resulting masterful curation, and within it is an intriguing exploration of the nature of stones, a metaphor also reflected in the album’s cover art, which features Stonehenge, but from a different perspective—through mobile devices.

Rich explains, 

“Life is like a stone.You can choose to be good or evil. You can build a beautiful masterpiece out of rock and yet you can destroy that foundation with another rock. You can be like a stone in your principles and the way you live”

This steadfast grip on benevolence touches their listeners with love, and the trio urges us to offer acceptance and love in place of all this hate. The sound will transport you, even if only for a while, to a realm where love is considered a basic necessity. You’ll feel steady there, in that musical refuge, and if you listen to their calls for equality and introspection carefully, you’ll hear the threads of urgency woven throughout their work.

Cabela and Schmitt were sure to extend their gratitude for and acknowledgement of engineers Nicolas Essig, Robert Venable, Chris Brown, Greg Thompson and Sean Spence, who were all instrumental in the mixing and mastering of the album.

Simply put, “Like A Stone” is a creation fully capable of recalibrating your perspective, and that can, in turn, change everything.

Article written by Juliette Roanoke for AVA Live Radio

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