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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SONGSTRESS
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Interviewing: Allison Ring Songstress
Songstress (solo indie female rock singer songwriter)

Music Business…
It seems to me that there is a gap in the industry between the pop divas and the true female rock singers. There are very few really getting airplay. I would LOVE to fill that gap, sort of like Pat Benatar or Chrissie Hynde back in the 80s or Amy Lee and Evanescence, one of my major influences.

I love making music but it is a well known fact that in the age of rap and djs, live music has taken a huge hit and it is really hard to find paying gigs. So I wish that would change, that musicians would be paid decently. I also wish that radio wasn’t so rigidly controlled by corporations and that local musicians had a decent chance to get airplay. Also, I feel that concert tickets are just ridiculously expensive.

If I could spend a few minutes alone with someone…
the obvious answers of course would be my late father and grandparents, relatives who have left my life. But if you mean musical inspirations, I would have to say Keith Emerson and Greg Lake, who passed away last year. ELP was a huge formative influence on me and Keith Emerson’s keyboards … opened a new world to me. Incidentally I did meet and spend a couple of hours with Greg Lake in 2012 on his Songs of a Lifetime Tour and he was wonderful, witty, charming and every inch the rock star.

Anything But Love…
Girlpower rock tune. Written and recorded in June 2015 at Star City Studios in El Paso, Texas.


I wrote this song when just beginning Songstress as a tongue in cheek
Response to the question: “What do you like to sing about?”

At the time I was kind of down on relationships and really liking being single. And it seemed like a fun idea to write a song about.

I would like to mention the other musicians on the track: Mark Fowler, a truly great bassist and all around musician, Eric Boseman who not only plays drums but produced and engineered the song, and Jesus Castillo, an amazing guitarist who is wise beyond his years.

I would like to express myself with songs that I would like to hear on the radio. When I get the inspiration to write a song, I want to paint a soundscape that is kind of like a painting, and provokes a certain response or emotion.

Colorado Springs…
I moved to the Colorado Springs area about six months ago from El Paso, Texas. So I’m going through some big changes in terms of knowing “the music scene” and discovering places to go.

Colorado offers a brand new start for me and I’m super happy with it. I am currently not only doing the Songstress act but also playing keys and backing vocals with a great Alice Cooper Tribute Band – the Dragontown Dan Band – and also supporting an original blues rock band called the Sanborn Band. The most obvious difference I have noticed here is that there is a lot of “hippie music” ha ha – folk rock, jam bands, etc. as opposed to West Texas which is very much a metal scene.


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