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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Sons n Britches 
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Mike Mullis and Daron Meek


Daron: The music business…
always seems to be changing. We have been blessed to be around some big dawgs in the business and watched some highs and lows up close and personal. We love being who and what we are, and that’s the way we do it! We are REAL and sometimes Nashville likes to fake it!

Mike: Personally, I feel like this is the best time ever in music not only for the consumer, but for the artist. The barriers of the traditional ‘music gatekeepers’ are no longer there. Music is a communal art – meant to be shared with those who love and appreciate it. The way that music spreads best is by word of mouth. Anyone can become overwhelmed in these days with “what to listen to”. It’s always good to have friends who can recommend good music!

Daron: I would love to sit down with Ronnie Van Zant for a while and just listen to the man pour out his soul! How he felt, what triggered some of the songs – now that’s real! I get inspired by people who write their life. Just like our song “That’s Why We’re Blue” – more than one tear fell on the paper when that song was being created.., that’s REAL! Mike: Hard to say – I read lots of autobiographies of musicians and I love hearing about the fascinating real lives of people we respect – and just ordinary folks. Sometimes it also gives you a glimpse into who they really are, and that’s not always a pleasant thing. Lots of people I have respected musically are people I’m not sure I’d be friends with under ordinary circumstances. I get inspired by conversations I have with the friends in my life right now. 5 minutes with my best friends sometimes changes my entire perspective.


That’s Why We’re Blue…
Mike: This song is a very personal song about the end of a relationship. “Blue” in this case means that you will never be the same, and the realization that the hopes and dreams you once had together have ended. It’s about how life goes on, yet you always hold that state of “blue”. The line in the song “they say it’s like a death but we’re both still alive, maybe that’s the reason why…that’s why we’re blue” sums up the essence of the song.

Daron: This album us everything our hearts could pour out, from Outlaws to tear drops. Drink a beer, laugh a lot and cry later.

Mike: This album “Second Hand Smoke” has been a joy to write, record and perform! Some of these songs came from times we spent together as a band away in a cabin the North GA mountains. Even though we live in an on-demand world of singles where you can pick and choose, I really believe this album was meant to be heard in its entirety. There is a wide range of moods and contexts that we hope will draw in the listener. The album also features a range of styles from Bluegrass/Americana to Western Swing to Funk and straight up Southern Rock! The thread that holds it all together is the Bluesy-Country style we’ve developed over so many years of playing together.

We’re from Kennesaw, GA…
This place has changed so much over the years! We started out in elementary and middle schools – playing the fairs and festivals, playing for the clogging teams, backyard bar-b-cues, parties in the fields and more. The Atlanta area has blossomed over the years and there is no shortage of places to go to find great music. We love going to music venues that are intimate and where you can hear original music, like Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Red Clay Theater in Duluth, and Studio On in Roswell.


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