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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW VIZUALYE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music industry…
For me personally, coming into the music industry was a learning process and I’m still learning things. I would say I officially came in the game 2013. Prior to that I had just been building my music up and kind of putting it out with no genuine business plan. I learned it’s a lot of financial responsibility that you need to incorporate before putting yourself out there. The music company that got me started is called Tate Music Group and they are now changing management, so I haven’t been working closely with them as I’d like to. The company is more of an indie artist tool to get you going, but there is so much more you must do than just create music. My experience was a learning one because it helped me to see a lot that goes on and is needed behind the music.

When I created the album in 2014, there was lack of promotion on a certain level, to reach targeted audience. Also, I had not done any shows so this was something I had to start doing more of. I feel the music industry of today’s generation is a lot easier to get into now with the use of technology. The important thing is understanding the business and how to properly market yourself. The pros of the music industry are that you can have more control of your music and with the use of internet you have the potential to reach many fans. The cons are that none of this happens overnight and you will hear a lot of rejection if you don’t have a strong following base, because most people won’t take you as serious if the results aren’t showing right away.

I live in Northern Virginia…
which is about 15-20 minutes away from the nation’s capital. The music scene is big on hip hop, r&b, alternative, and go-go. The clubs will play whatever is considered hot from the major artist and there are some clubs that will have local artist as well. These clubs are usually small venues in the heart of D.C. Independent artist out here really try to make a name for themselves so it’s very likely to hear music from them from time to time. The popular places are club xo, liv night club, and Adams Morgan, which has a strip of bars and lounges that get busy.


The Next Album…
I’m working on my next album called The Awakening. What is different and what I like about this album is unique production and what the music will represent. The songs that I’m working on all have a message and they don’t all sound the same. There is a lot of instruments on this album and the strong use of positive content in the lyrics and they stand out in the songs. This album for me is waking up to the music industry and realizing how everything works in a structure that has been changed since the early days of hip hop. We need more leaders and guiders to break down where we are in our music culture put out records that speak to the people. What I’m hoping to achieve with this album is to produce a variety of quality songs with useful content that people will be able to enjoy that are not your typical radio songs, but good enough to be on the radio.

Unbelievable feat Warren Young prod by Tone Jonez



I would love to have 5 minutes with Talib Kwali…
I grew up on his music and he has always been a positive advocate of hip hop music culture. His music for me is very influential today and back in his early music career. I admire him because there were not a lot of artist who would speak on the positive things like he did and his music was still powerful and popular. He did something different for music that I feel was needed. He represented the culture of hip hop in his own way.

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