It’s all about the chemistry of making music with your band members. Each person brings a level of significance to the production and the over all product gains from those experiences. 

Social media is showing us that you can reach the world with a single release of music. The platforms allow you to make an impact and get your music to ears all over the world. We love instagram to get our music out there. 

We focus on renting out venues and planning our own events. 
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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW SOUL REVIVAL
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Derick Pierre & Desmond D. Professor Mason

Every day I feel..
like I’m learning something new which makes it exciting but at the same time can be very challenging. The opportunity to share my music with people has always been a dream of mine. Figuring out how to best do that but also protect myself is something that just comes with it. I think the best thing I can do is be genuine and hopefully people will see me and feel my music.

That person for me would have to be Musiq Soulchild. He is someone I have always respected as an artist and has had a lot of influence of my music. I really appreciate is work and ability to create on a consistent level. I remember listened to his first album I felt like it was the soundtrack of my life at that time. Telling stories with groovy melodies and harmonies. I also feel like he is someone who has experienced a lot in his career and would be able to give light and guidance on the industry as a professional.

Fall in Love
Fall in Love is a love story. It’s when two individuals meet unexpectedly and love is in the air. It’s something fun and playful that people can listen and dance too. I imagine as this record is being played on the radio it will give good vibes and make people feel good.

Desmond is an incredible musician and producer so he created the magic. I (Derick) actually heard it on his soundcloud page and ask him if anyone was using because I had to have it. It was the fun, upbeat story that I always wanted tell and felt like people would be able to relate to. It had a groovy feel that I felt was just perfect.

I quickly pieced together my section but felt like this could have great potential as a duet I just needed to find the right piece. I reached out to Paula Saunders and she was the perfect fit on many levels. Jeff Stocks (Guitar) came later into the picture and just added the right amount of soul. We spent a lot of hours tweaking this tune to make it as best as we could. We finally released it on February 14th 2017 and the rest is history.


The music…
What you can expect from our music in general is quality. Desmond and I always start with that piece first from the music to the vocals. We try to capture listeners with a story then with the melody and harmonies from the 90’s in a way that hopefully sticks with the listener and is memorable.


We both reside in Kansas City, MO..
The music scene is quite interesting. There is a lot of music and I feel is growing every day. KC to me is very heavy jazz and indie rock/alternative. The R&B/Soul scene was there but was hard to break into the circle of artist/musicians especially since I’m not originally from Kansas City. There are limited venues that would host that kind of music that I felt like I could tap into. Over the years playing with other bands/groups I (Derick) decided to create my own lane. I was fortunate enough to meet some of the best musicians and build a community of musicians who I now call friends but can also call for studio sessions, live shows etc. Venues like The Buffalo Room have proven to be great partners that allow someone like me to produce a show and use their space. Honestly some of my favorite venues for live music just depends on who is playing that night…. they make the venue in most cases. Julie Halie and The Goodfoot, Boogaloo 7, Shades of Jade where some of groups I respected and made me want to start my own journey in KC.

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