As soon as you make it, people want follow you and copy you. They want to know where the hook comes from. We didn’t have a budget so we recorded the song in Big Studio living room. It was in his kids bedroom while they were doing their home work.


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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW ZU
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

zu /Onplanetzu

The music business…
has always been the shady type of business depends on what kinda of person you are. If your a fame chaser, you goin get screw over. If you’re wise like me , I had turn down so many labels cause they want to offer you all this money up front and then take all your publishing control and your owner ship which is an illusion they offer.

Prince once told me never sell your integrity for fame

So I keep doing what I am doing then they will come after me. George Clinton told me him and sly stone made the biggest mistake of they career by give al his owner ship and right over to casablanca till this day they don’t own their on songs. The good thing about the music is you can make a living at it. You get to travel see different cultures and lease some of your music to the right people… big checks for that.  The only thing is greedy brakes up every thing.


My friends kept telling how they don’t like todays hiphop and I should do some thing about it cause in our opinion the 90’s was the best hip hop. I got with Big studio the producer and we came up with a distinguish sound like they did in the 90s. We came up with an annoying loop that was different then what is being played today in music. We wanted to be irritating, like a Public Enemy sound. After that we had to make the bass. It’s so radical, right in your face. I knew to do some thing that new people wouldn’t be hesitant to follow. To make this song work, I wrote my travel on my way to fame.


For The video..
we went to hollywood stood on the corner blasting my song people just came up asking if I was some body famous and wanted to be in the shoot. The Floose Glosse character I made up on the spot we didn’t have money for a permit to film peoples houses so we went to beverly hills and the first house we saw, we did a spike lee.  This was a gorilla style shot of him picking up a news paper before the owners of the house came out for the shoot, we did a one take. It was quick.

The new album..
people can expect some edm, trap, Bugging out hip hop, some club bangers some street hood joints, and over all a lot of diversity.  The album called “I Am Famous As Wad”, is for my new audience who thinks I am just knew on the scene. This is actually my 3rd album but over looked due to funds and marketing.  I have done songs and work with actress pop star Darcy Donavan, Prince, Redman, Krs one, and outcast. I even have a song out with George Clinton called HeadPhone Los Angeles Ska Band Fishbone. Good Times on my album is with Ol Dirty Bastard from the wutang legendary rapper odb from wutang his son.

This record is special to me and the rest of the artists like me. Nobody knows our hard ships in making music with no help in making your own dream a reality.

I live in south central los angeles…
their are no clubs here in the hood, we have to go to the hollywood scene pretty much. wIt’s all about who you know type of vibe in this crowd. Monday and Tuesday  it’s Rock, dance 80s night music, couple edm clubs, Wednesday I go to dub reggae best one echoplex, some drum and bass clubs. Thursday the scene is rock on the blocks. Friday and Saturday is pretty much every thing goth edm trance, heavy metal and Sundays it’s very Jamaican club with Kingston. People really don’t come out here to support music they have this nonchalant attitude cause music here is so saturated. There are any hip hop clubs cause of negativity and the over tones which they bring.

They dont embrace the music and culture like other places like texas, new orleans, london, germany who would die for that change…

I would love 5 mins with two people in life…
krishnamurt or erest holmes to ask them how did they arrive to a state of absolute consciousness why you admire or get inspired by this person. Because being in that state of consciousness your true self , I would be so unlimited to my music and my normal life to help raise the vibrations of humans who is doubtful of the power of the universe. So I admire how they did that which inspired me to be on that same vibe.

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