Listen to the Live Interview Episode #422: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Music business…
I really feel great and excited about the music business already. I’ve been awarded in some of my songs by the UK Songwriting Contest every years from 2014 until last December 2016, and I really want to thank them all again, I feel very honored to know they really encourage me and see this beautiful thing iam through my music. Just because of a heavy ex bf I wasn’t feeling good showing up myself in public and I preferred stay away and now iam ready to show up, I performed in the past when I was 16 in Paris & once when I was in New York City for the Festival and iam not shy at all I love the public, just everytime I was trying to come up with my UK session this bullies ex from 2008 always disturbed me and my friends and it was too much for me then I took my time somehow, just im not afraid about this ex who doesn’t know what’s a woman’s worthn he should see a specialist because its 2017 and still trying to come over its very weird ( this ex never wanted me to be happy but tried to reminds me my past that was down and though I couldn’t be happy someday).

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Pharrell Williams, because I love the way he can bring things on a positive way, it’s a real man’s heart with all his love and wonderful energy to others and he loves to dance, he is a very great artist and my gosh, I won’t ever forgot my time when I was like feeling very very sad and I always feels his tracks as something easy to feel good with, he is sensual with the voice, he loves a woman to feel in peace and im an impro girl than I could impro my very short time with him by talking, eventually create a song right away or a dance or spiritually just talk but I think create something would be like talking hahahhahah.


Let Me…

The song is about seduction, about sensuality, desire and captivate a person and discovering the way it taste. I invite the person to receive my fire and to give it to me and to dance with me in fact because I love it dirty hot (lol). They is no back story at all, I usually have one but not on this song.

This is about someone I haven’t met yet, that is the story I’m dreaming about my future man. I made the song at the recorded studio in Paris and I usually make it in London.

My music is…
concentrate on good energy, positivity and receiving the peace time from me. The significance of the album (lol) my gosh, I actually decided to write my next new songs one by one and I write about “love, crush” things like that but more about real love and believe in love after heartbroken, after sadness and hurt feelings, its about giving hope to others and to myself, dreams and light up your inside with peace when you should easily not having this all.

It’s more about seeing wonderful things you may need and have in your life just because your heart deserve to feel this and to having it even if it might never be because you never know, just to believe in it, to feel you having it, is like the gift you are offering to yourself. My album is something about my man, my best friend, my everything, he is just my dream like I am his dream to having me, we are our gifts on each other’s & about life to share together and meaningful things. Not only on the physical thing, I’m talking about the hole love package you know. No matter how I might feel a thing even its very hard and sad I will always make my songs on the positive way because that is my personality and my songs are reflected it.

My Home Town…
I am a Parisian and just recently based in London, I love both cities.
The music scene is in Central London, just I will communicate sooner the place I will perform and it would be required an ID checked, I want my fans to really feel this dream with me, to let it shine together. It would be around the Piccadilly area.

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