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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW THE PAST
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio
Michael Tyree – guitar/vocals
J.T. Butcher – bass
Drew Charron – drums/keyboards

We have a new Album. coming out in Summer..
Our new album is heavy. It’s dark. It’s intense. The arrangements are a lot more musically mature. We’re focusing more on the flow and vibe of the song rather than feeling that we have to throw a million instrumental parts in there just because we can. This album will be much more diverse than our previous two, and it’s also the first one where each of us basically wrote one of our own songs. We’re definitely progressive at our core but this album takes those elements and incorporates a lot more metal into it. We’re metal-heads at heart.  We intend on planning a CD release show and hope to be working on music videos this year.

We live in Lexington, Kentucky…
and the music scene here is pretty erratic. It has a little bit of everything but it mostly caters to Americana and southern rock. As much as that can be a hindrance, it also makes us stand out in a way. There is a lot of talent here, though, and the companionship and respect between musicians here is pretty awesome.

Music business…
We feel like the music business today is focused on making fast money and the investment into bands like us isn’t available. Nobody wants to take risks; they just want their cash from something they know works. Record labels want to see a ton of social media presence before they’re willing to give anyone a shot. They want a guarantee that anyone will like your music. Things have gotten a lot more complicated but the bands that really work hard and make music for the love of music will always stand out. We’re in it for the long haul, we want to make music that avoids trends and stands the test of time. We have some business smarts and we’ve accomplished this much on our own, and we can and will accomplish a lot more. It’s very creatively liberating to stick to your guns like that.



Band Name: The Past
Song name: Waves
Music Genre/ category : Progressive Rock/Metal
“Waves” came about because of a riff JT started playing at practice one day. Drew and Michael collaborated on the lyrics. Michael describes it as being about being able to move forward when you live in this world that doesn’t want you or allow you to get anywhere, and that it’s about breaking away from being lost. JT sees it more as the ebb and flow that life gives you, and Drew describes it as being about depression and being able to take a small breath of air while you’re drowning. We often like to contrast an otherwise easygoing, good feeling song with really sad lyrics, or vice versa.

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I would love to have 5 minutes alone with…
Michael: I would probably want to sit and talk with Steve Lukather – someone who sees the performance life as well as the session studio player life, who has broken pop barriers with his playing as well as staying relevant with shredders across the world. Being able to transfer between genres throughout single albums or even in individual songs has always been something I thought was cool. Also the guy has literally played on everything. His versatility blows my mind.

JT: I would love to have five minutes alone with mixing engineer Andy Wallace. Since I take the role of the sound guy in the band, I’ve always been inspired by his ability to capture the rawness and realness of a band without throwing in too many production bells and whistles. He keeps things simple and sweet, yet effective.

Drew: If I could have five minutes with someone it would probably be Steven Wilson or Gavin Harrison depending of whether I wanted to talk about drums alone or music as a whole. I think they’re both musical geniuses. I think they do exactly what the song calls for every time and they have their own personality within music so that no one sounds like them.

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