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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW Tri Nguyen
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

New Album…
Beyond Borders. It’s a story of communion, of reaching out to each other through music. Again the vietnamese zither encounters music from around the world. It’s a musical journey that I have undertaken to meet with musicians from Africa to America, from Europe to Asia. The album is presented as a Journey, with stops in Africa, Brazil, Scotland, Kalmykia, Corsica and Vietnam, my birthplace. Attached is the boolket included in my album, where you can discover more about all the tracks.

Edjin Duun…
a song from Kalmykia (Asian Higlands in Russia), blended with a lullaby from Vietnam. The zither here fuses withe a guitare and a violin, and the song is sung in 2 languages, Vietnamese and Kalmyikia.

Prior to the release of Beyond Borders, I’ve just released a trailer for my “Consonnances” tour (my first album). It’s the story of me as a child, growing to become the multi-cultural musician that I am now. It’s produced by my company, Lunélios, who produces all my albums. We did the shooting last September 2016 in Bretagne, France, with beautiful landscapes of the Atlantic Ocean, magnificent rock incrusted shores and stiff cliffs diving into the sea. The child who played me as a kid was so cute ! He only appeared for a few seconds in the trailer but it took us 3 hours to get the right scene with him.

Another funny story is that I nearly fell off the cliff in the final scene. I did not realise the wind was blowing so hard when I started to sit dow on the grass at the brink of the cliff. 300 yards down was the ocean and razor sharp rocks. A gust nearly knocked me off into the sea. Good thing I’m still here !

In a few months, I’ll be shooting a video clip for one of my songs/pieces from the new album. I
have to think which one I’ll pick. Maybe you could help me out ? There are 10 tracks from the new album, your advice would be of great help ! I’m sending you a private link with all 10 tracks of the album via Soundcloud. Please give it a listen !


My music has NEVER been done before…
It is the fusion of the vietnamese zither and other musical traditions. In my debut album “Consonnances”, the zither converses with a classical string quartet. The melodies for zither were authentic ancestral vietnamese which I re-created to serve as the lead instrument supported by a string quartet. My second release is a dialogue between the zither and the Oriental Oud and Percussion. My last album goes even further : it is the encounter of traditional music from all parts of the world with the zither. It evolves around harmony and peace, around the complentation of LIFE, a Gift that Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. It is the story of reaching out to each other, of mutual understanding and respect.

Music brings Peace to the Soul, as it does to Mankind

Even though I perform and make music with numerous musicians,in my projects, I have the role of a solist: when I tour, my musicians can be replaced, trained accordingly to geographical alterations. When I perform in Vietnam for example, I audition and play with Vietnamese musicians, when in the UK, English musicians are invited to perform with me etc.

The result is that I constantly have to “re-create” myself, never letting myself fall into a routine, which, to my knowledge, is the worst thing that could happen to a musician. I really think that my personnal life should stay out of my social and media life. I’m lucky enough to be extremely fulfilled and supported when it comes to my “behind the scenes” life, a private corner of my garden that I cherish and protect. This means that one’s partner has to have trust and faith in you. Being out there with the medias, fans , professional life, is not an easy thing, you have to LOVE it, and your beloved has to respect that too.

My relationship with my fans is a blessing for me because it is GENUINE. The things I post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are daily facts and certain moments that I want to share with friends, fans, colleagues. Ohter moments from my private life are PRIVATE, so I don’t post them. But i have 2 beautiful adorable cats, ands there are constantly on the front scene on social medias !

I’ve just returned from Vietnam…
after an exhausting tour, but SO rewarding. I’ve been able to perform for the Vietnamese audience, shared thoughts and experiences on music and BRANDING with students at the Vietnamese/American Polytechnic College in Ho Chi Minh City/Vietman.

New Collaboration…
I’ve also signed an ambassador contract with Willendrof, Thailand based cosmetics leader in SouthEast Asia with a major distribution branch in Vietnam : Model photo shooting, galas, appearances in tight schedules were abundant, tiring, stressfull, but it’s part of an artist routine when on tour or when representing a certain brand, company, or country.

In my case, I represent Vietnam’s traditional music, but re-invented for the modern and international ear. I can be extremely attached to my legacy and traditions, but I have to be creative, contemporary, open to the world I live in. THIS is the secret. Most of all, take it easy !! Love and respect the people around you, however hard your work is, this makes things so much easier. There’s nothing worse than mutual jealousy and envy. Working hand in hand even with a competitor brings success to both. Mutual undermining will bring failure to all.

I will take the liberty of quoting and great lady, Dame Margot Fonteyn : ” The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one’s work seriously and taking one’s self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous.

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