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Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW YASMIN JANE
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

I am looking to record an EP before I release a full album, I’m still finding my sound but I would love to have some more atmospheric sounds similar to those of The 1975 and Dua Lipas new Album, which is just amazing. I would love to incorporate the house element too as I love the house music genre and scene and am keen to have a few strong basslines running through my songs.

I want to create uplifting songs that make you want to dance and have fun but still have clear strong messages within them. I like the idea of people making their own minds up when interpreting a song and deciding on its meaning. I love hearing individual views on what each person believes the song is about, ultimately there is no right or wrong its all down to personal opinion 🙂


Song name: Haunt Me
Music Genre/ category : Pop/House/Alternative/Dance
For me, ‘Haunt Me’ is about lost love. Lost in the sense that you don’t know for sure if it may still be there, the message of the song is actually pretty sad, however I wanted people’s reaction to the song to be to dance. There are a lot of emotions involved in the ending of a relationship, I wanted the song to portray that even though you may still crave the person and thought you would be together, life goes on and you will be fine. Within the song there are moments of anger as there would no doubt be in the arguments and frustrations of the breakdown of a relationship. The middle 8 helps piece the song together, to begin with its sad saying you made me believe in you then its saying you told me you loved me so why did you throw me away then its back tracking saying will we ever go back to the perfect place we were in before. I think everyone can relate to this song, its a mid break up song going through all the emotions first sad then angry then acceptance. But I ultimately just wanted people to get up dance and sing their heart out and realise all their emotions they’re feeling are normal and its okay you can still have fun. Don’t dwell just accept and move on.

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I actually live in London in England…
the music scene is crazy here its definitely the place in England for Music. Gigs run everyday here, there is always numerous music events going on, its amazing.


Music business:
I have literally just started with this being my first single so I am still relatively new to the business. I think people don’t realise how hard it is though, its taken a lot of effort and persistence to achieve what I have, more than people probably realise. The circle is actually quite small, I think its important to make yourself known and to network and get to know people in the industry. Promotion and Marketing is key, without that its very hard to get anywhere. I think its also important not to dwell, when something comes up as long as you feel it in your heart go for it, there is nothing worse than missed opportunities.

I would love to have 5 minutes alone with….
God this is hard there are so many, The 1975 i think Matt Helay is a genius his songs just give me goosebumps everytime I am so inspired by him and the band because they were told they would never make it and they proved everyone wrong by creating their own label and pushing with their public support and look at them now everyone wants them, they grafted hard for a good 15 years I just love their story of how hard they worked and how they never gave up! I also think Dua Lipa is insane her voice is just amazing she is so humble and grateful and she inspires me from coming from You Tube Covers to being on the billboards of New York! Very incredible, shows hard work and perseverance with the right song can get you your dreams


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