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I love being part of it,
although it’s becoming increasingly hard to make a living out of it. Hopefully we will collectively find ways to overcome this so that we no longer have popular but still ‘starving’ artists! @naomikoningen

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Episode #340 : A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax :

Jacqueline Jax logo photoGETTING TO KNOW NAOMI K
by Jacqueline Jax host of A.V.A Live Radio

Naomi Koningen
Naomi K

I love being part of it,
although it’s becoming increasingly hard to make a living out of it. Hopefully we will collectively find ways to overcome this so that we no longer have popular but still ‘starving’ artists!

There are a lot of sharks out there,
and i have found this out the hard way. Producers, Managers, people that just want to take you for a ride, and take your money (which you’ve either worked your are off for, or have borrowed!). I mean learning the hard way is often the best way, but still it’s not much fun going through it at the time. You just have to learn from it and keep moving forward…my passion and drive is bigger than them, so i refuse to let these experiences keep me down.

Firstly I’ve had a number of different producers, 
so have preferred to release singles lately rather than a full album for this reason. However i’ll be back in the studio working on my full album with an exciting new producer in the summer.

Social media has been amazing for me.
LA is a pay to play live music town, and i haven’t had the best of luck finding the most reliable musicians to perform with. So lately i’ve been dedicating more of my time writing and recording new music, and getting that out there onto the wide world web, which ultimately gets heard by a lot more people at the one time. Although i love playing live, and a tour is definitely still to come.

Nelson Mandela. He was a hero,
a leader, a humanitarian, a visionary, a revolutionist, a peacemaker, and an inspiration, just to name a few!!! My goal in life is to help others too, i’d love work more with Orphanages around the world, work with others to get clear running water to 3rd world countries, and help the sick, too. I know this sounds like a lot, and it is, but hopefully i’ll be able to achieve this on a much larger scale through my music and acting (in that i will have a louder voice, so to speak, while also having the funding).

Yes I do think that sometimes too much emphasis
can be spent on trying to sound or look a certain way (usually imposed on artists by other people/management etc), however I personally try not to compare myself to other artists and just stay true to myself.

My favorite music quote or inspirational quote is…
Music is love. 🙂

I played my first song on the guitar when i was 6,
and used to sing and dance even as a baby (i’m told!). My parents are both very musical (they used to be in a band together when they were young), and i think that talent was passed on to us kids. It’s been a passion of mine for as long as i can remember.

Take Me Home

I wrote this song for and about the love of my life at the time,
who was killed by a crocodile. It happened a long time ago, but as i have only really recently started my journey as a solo artist (rather than play in bands), i felt i was finally able to write and record it. It’s basically an ode, to him. And for everyone else out there that has lost someone they love.

I often feel him around me,
looking over and after me, and helping make things happen. The song is about missing him, or anyone you’ve lost, while the music video is about sensing these loved ones around us, but not necessarily being able to see them (kind of like in the movie Ghost).

I’m really happy with the way things are going for me
musically to date (i am also an actor), considering it wasn’t that long ago that i became a solo artist and left my office job behind (though it was scary to lose the regular paycheck!). I’ve been lucky enough to have won a couple of awards for my music already, and have had a number of cool reviews in popular music publications, along with some great radio interviews too. I write my music from the heart, so to be rewarded for this in these ways is very humbling. I’m always very thankful to my fans, too, as i wouldn’t be here without them.
I’m currently co-writing a couple of new songs with an award winning songwriter, and will be recording those soon with an exciting new producer. So stay tuned!!

Naomi K

I live in Los Angeles, the music (and acting!)
capital of the world. I love California and the USA in general, it’s a beautiful and amazing country, and i’m grateful to be able to live and follow my dreams here.

There are so many things to do here
such as hiking, cycling, visit the beaches, head out to the desert, ski, visit theme parks, the list is pretty endless really.

My other creative passion is acting,
i actually studied this for 5 years in Australia and have worked on a number of projects both there and here in the Film & Television sectors. It’s a lot of fun too.


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